January 23

Friday, January 23 – 8pm ET/PT

Canadian Howie Mandel’s new hidden camera series with a trunk full of disguises and laughs. Howie and his team of professional pranksters take to the streets performing hoaxes and hilarious tricks on unsuspecting targets.

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  • Jo

    I have a MOST EXCELLENT IDEA for Howie.
    Just can’t get there!

  • brad

    I think howie do it, is another excuse for a new idea where slow witted writers came up with their best attempt at an original idea. The fact that he advertises his own name as part of the show frustrates me to no end. Not only that but it is so uncreative, and unimaginative. Shows like just for laughs gags, which were around in the 90’s, Ashton Kutchers Punked, and so on shows that this show is absolutely pathetic, and so is Howie Mandell. I think that the only reason they picked this lameass is because he is bald and can wear wigs without slapping a shower cap on his head… PS he’s a germaphobe..