133rd Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

It’s showtime! From Springer Spaniels, Kerry Blue Terriers, Standard Poodles and Doberman Pinchers, the 133rd ANNUAL WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW showcases America’s top dogs as they wag, pose and strut their way to the pedestal in hopes of winning the title “Best in Show”. Considered one of the largest and most prestigious dog shows in the world, The 133rd ANNUAL WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW airs LIVE Monday, Feb. 9 and Tuesday, Feb 10 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT on Animal Planet and Monday, Feb. 9 and Tuesday, Feb 10 at 8 p.m. ET/10 p.m. PT on Discovery HD. The ultimate in reality TV, the 133rd Annual WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW promises nail biting real life suspense and high doggy drama!

2008 “Best in Show” winner taken from the 132nd ANNUAL WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW.

America’s second-longest continuously-held sporting event – trailing the Kentucky Derby by only one year – THE WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW is the undisputed world leader in the sport of purebred dogs. With entries from virtually every U.S. state and a number of foreign countries, the race is on for all canine contenders as this year is America’s first and only champions-only dog show with a 2,500 dog entry limit.

Exclusive to 170 champion breeds and varieties – including the new breed for 2009, the Dogue De Bordeaux – these canine athletes will be judged in seven different groups including Hound, Terrier, Non-sporting, Herding, Sporting, Working and Toy. From here only the group winners advance on to compete for the coveted prize of “Best In Show”.

Animal Planet’s three-hour live action coverage of the two-day event kicks-off at Madison Square Garden in New York City – the venue of choice for the show since 1883. With the Beagle taking “Best in Show” in 2008, there’s no telling who will take home this year’s coveted prize.

The WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB DOG SHOW was named after a Manhattan hotel that was popular in 1877. It was at the Westminster hotel’s bar where sporting gentlemen would meet to drink and talk about their shooting accomplishments. Eventually, they formed a club and bought a training area and kennel. They kept their dogs there, hired a trainer and named the club after their favourite watering hole.

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