Sunny Fong

Sunny Fong - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Sunny Fong
Age: 32
Hometown: Toronto, ON

“I’m very serious when I need to be and I’m very crazy when I’m not serious. When people get to know me, that’s where they discover and understand that there’s this yin-yang to my personality.”

After four years in film school, Sunny Fong decided that the lengthy process of filmmaking just wasn’t his thing. Searching for some instant gratification, Sunny turned to the fast-paced world of fashion. Having taught himself to sew in high school, Sunny always designed on the side, making costumes for the films he created and outfits for his friends. In 2004 he launched VAWK, a high-end women’s wear line. After number of successful shows at Toronto Fashion Week, the line was put on hold due to lack of capitol needed to run the company. In the meantime, Sunny works as a graphic designer and continues to create fashion for a select clientele.

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