S17E12 - The Good Guys Should Win in the End

After Tribal Council, Matty is pissed with Kenny for voting for him. Everyone still wants Matty gone next though as he’s such a physical threat. Crystal is really regretting not writing down Matty’s name on the parchment and is desperately hoping that he doesn’t win at the next immunity challenge.

Bob and Kenny talk and Kenny isn’t happy. Bob promises to give him the immunity idol if he wins it after putting him in a difficult position.

At the reward challenge, the survivors will have to be the first to throw three balls into a net after retrieving them from the other end of a swamp. Matty is easily in the lead but Bob catches him on the second throw. The girls are struggling. The final shot is a close race and Bob sneaks home. He gets to go on an adventure to a Gorilla park as well as having a meal and night in a bed. Suzie is off to Exile Island. Bob takes Kenny and Crystal with him to enjoy the reward.

They strategise over food and refreshments before showering and getting ready to go to the Gorilla Project. Bob enjoys the experience while on Exile Island, Suzie is enjoying the comforts of the Sugar Shack while Sugar and Matty are back at camp gunning for Kenny and Crystal.

Matty isn’t happy with Sugar over her decision to exclude him from the alliance for the final three. Matty knows that his neck is on the line and that unless he wins the immunity challenge then he will be packing his bags.

Crystal confronts Matty about his place in the game but Matty is confused. Sugar makes the observation that Kenny is a liar and Crystal is just a big bully. She talks to Matty and decides that it’s time to mix things up again and wants it to be Bob and Suzie with them for the final four and that Crystal will be the first to go.

The immunity challenge is is to use your hands to study a Gabon mask while being blind folded and then collect three bags of puzzle pieces and then recreate the mask. Crystal is all over the place and is in and out of her lane. Suzie ends up out of the back of the course. But for four straight challenges, Bob wins the immunity again. Now he has the predicament of honoring his word to Kenny about giving him the imumnity.

Kenny tells Crystal that if Bob gives him the necklace then they will vote him out tonight. Kenny tells Bob that he feels really nervous. Crystal tells Sugar and Matty that they’ve come up with a plan to get rid of Bob.

Sugar talks to Bob and they hatch their own plan to get rid of Crystal.

At Tribal Council, Bob doesn’t think Kenny is going home so he keeps the immunity. He’s right. Sugar gives Matty her individual immunity. Sugar looks smug as Crystal’s name comes up and she’s sent home.

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