S17E11 - The Good Things in Life Aren't Easy

Everyone is sure that the last Tribal Council was the best ever. Bob is a little angry about Sugar rubbing salt in the wounds of Randy when he was eliminated. Sugar and Corinne finally face off over Corinne’s backstabbing. With only a few days remaining, things are certainly starting to heat up.

Ken and Bob haul in the net are stoked at the size of the catfish they’ve caught. Ken doesn’t think Bob is very smart in the way he’s playing the game, despite how much he’s taught him while they’ve been in Gabon.

The reward challenge is another puzzle that involves eventually raising a flag. The reward is some love in the form of video messages from home as well as pizza, beer and brownie.

Crystal and Suzie are the team captains. Suzie, Matty and Ken will take on Crystal, Sugar and Bob. Corinne doesn’t get picked and is out of the challenge. Sugar, Crystal and Bob raise their flag and make it through to the next round. Bob easily solves the next puzzle and wins the reward. He doesn’t get to take anyone with him though.

As he watches the video, his wife tells him that she has something to show him. She walks off camera and he gets frustrated waiting for her to return. To his surprise, Peggy steps out from behind a tree and shares the meal with him. They head back to camp and when they get their everyone is excited to see a new face. That’s not all however as Bob whistles and all the relatives of the others come over the rise of the hill to say hello.

Everyone spends some time together with their loved ones. Sugar’s sister bought some of her dad’s ashes which they release in Gabon.

Matty proposes to Jamie and she accepts in a Survivor first.

The families leave and the strategy begins. Bob talks to Corinne about the idol that was supposedly thrown into the ocean. He’s planning on making a second fake idol and spinning his web of lies again in the hopes of staying in the game.

At the immunity challenge, it’s a Gabon questionnaire. Each correct answer earns you a shot at a target. The closest to the center will win immunity. Bob, the physics teacher, takes the lead early and then retains it for the win.

Bob and Corinne are hoping to swing Ken and Crystal with their fake idol story in the hopes that they can blindside Matty. Corinne talks to Ken about the hidden idol and he seems convinced that it might be time to switch alliances.

Bob talks to Crystal and she’s convinced. The idol looks pretty realistic.

Ken decides that the plan would be to have the four vote for Corinne anyway to flush out the idol and then have Matty going home anyway.

At Tribal Council, they don’t play the idol to Ken’s surprise. The tie breaking vote falls to Corinne and she is gone. Bob still has his fake idol though.

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