Thursday, December 25 at 3:00 p.m. on CTV

Casey Affleck visits the Pawnee Nation reservation in Oklahoma, USA, to meet Native leader Crystal Echo-Hawk and her NVision crew. NVision is a collective of Native men and women who use hip hop, popular culture, film and visual and performing arts to create a dialogue with Native youth about ways to realize their vision for success, leadership and well being. Sol and Casey check out the launch of the NVision tour, which will travel to Native reservations and cities with urban Native populations. The tour includes workshops, concerts and promoting the message of the importance of leadership, empowerment and cultural pride. Sol and Casey also witness the challenges of reservation life that are often invisible to mainstream society. They are inspired not only by NVision’s passionate effort to combat despair but by the overall pride and resilience of the Pawnee community.

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