Margarita Voultsos

Margarita Voultsos - Project Runway Canada 2009

Name: Margarita Voultsos
Age: 24
Hometown: Montreal, QC

“I’ve had some major achievements in the industry but I’m ready to make a bigger noise. I’ve been shaking up the underground enough and I’m ready to blow up.”

Margarita began making clothes with her mom when she was just 10 years old. After attending a fashion program at a Toronto high school, she moved on to LaSalle College in Montreal for fashion design. Shortly after graduating, Margarita founded Proper Apparel, a luxury street wear line that is sold at retail outlets in Montreal, Toronto and New York. The word “proper” extends to how Margarita treats her employees, by maintaining fair wages and manufacturing in Canada. Magarita says she designs for women just like herself – strong, successful and really into fashion.

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