December 2008

Thursday, January 1, 7 p.m.

Also airs at 8 p.m. AT on ‘A’ Atlantic

The enchanting sequel to the Emmy Award-winning ANNE OF GREEN GABLES finds Anne Shirley making the transition from a romantic, impetuous orphan to an outspoken, adventurous and accomplished young teacher. Megan Follows returns to her role as Anne, while Tony Award-winner Colleen Dewhurst (A Moon for the Misbegotten, Annie Hall) stars as Marilla Cuthbert, and Oscar-winning actress Dame Wendy Hiller (The Countess Alice) appears as the prickly dowager Mrs. Harris.

ANNE OF GREEN GABLES: THE SEQUEL, PART 1 airs December 31 at 7 p.m. ET on ‘A’.

SPACE invites those who prefer the company of Klingons and Vulcans to elves and snowmen to snap out of their turkey comas and propel into warp drive with TREKKING THROUGH THE HOLIDAYS three-day, Star Trek marathon beginning Christmas Eve at 7 p.m. ET through Boxing Day, only on SPACE. If you are tired of the typical holiday movies and skeptical of miracles on 34th Street, give those traditional holiday flicks the Vulcan salute and trek through the season with a three day Star Trek movie marathon on SPACE, the destination for all things SCI FI this holiday season. The marathon features each Star Trek film, from the 1979 classic Star Trek: The Motion Picture to the 2002 hit Star Trek: Nemesis, all digitally re-mastered.

Wednesday, December 24

7 P.M. Et/ 4 P.M. Pt – Trekkies II
9 P.M. Et/ 6 P.M. Pt – Star Trek: The Motion Picture
11:45 P.M. Et/ 8:45 P.M. Pt – Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
2:15 A.M. Et /11:15 P.M. Pt – Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
4:30 A.M. Et/ 1:30 P.M. Pt – Trekkies II

Thursday, December 25

6:30 A.M. Et/ 3:30 A.M. Pt – Star Trek: The Motion Picture
9:15 A.M. Et/ 6:15 A.M. Pt – Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan
11:45 A.M. Et/ 8:45 A.M. Pt – Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
2 P.M. Et/ 11 A.M. Pt – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
4:30 P.M. Et/ 1:30 P.M. Pt – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
6:45 P.M. Et/ 3:45 P.M. Pt – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
9:15 P.M. Et/ 6:15 P.M. Pt – Star Trek: Generations
11:45 P.M. Et/ 8:45 P.M. Pt – Star Trek: First Contact
2:15 A.M. Et/ 11:15 P.M. Pt – Star Trek: Insurrection
4:30 A.M. Et/ 1:30 A.M. Pt – Star Trek: Nemesis

Friday December 26

7 A.M. Et/ 4 A.M. Pt – Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
9:30 A.M. Et/ 6:30 A.M. Pt – Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
11:45 A.M. Et/ 8:45 A.M. Pt – Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
2:15 P.M. Et/ 11:15 A.M. Pt – Star Trek: Generations
4:45 P.M. Et/ 1:45 P.M. Pt – Star Trek: First Contact
7:15 P.M Et/ 4:15 P.M. Pt – Star Trek: Insurrection
9:30 P.M. Et/ 6:30 P.M. Pt – Star Trek: Nemesis

CTV’s announced today that the most buzzed about new drama series of the fall, THE MENTALIST joins the network’s white-hot midseason schedule, Sundays at 10 p.m. ET, beginning January 4 following DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES at 9 p.m. ET (check to confirm local broadcast times). Starring Golden Globe Award nominee Simon Baker, THE MENTALIST follows Patrick Jane (Baker), a former celebrity psychic-turned-California police detective who uses his skills of observation and expertise at reading people to solve crimes. Premiering last September on ‘A’, THE MENTALIST quickly became one of the most talked-about new drama series of the year. Meanwhile, in the U.S., the crime drama is the undisputed #1 new show of the season, and last week, catapulted to the top spot in all of television ahead of ratings juggernauts CSI and GREY’S ANATOMY.

“Simon Baker’s appeal, combined with this series’ unique approach to crime solving, have made THE MENTALIST a breakout hit,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. “It’s a welcome companion to DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES Sunday nights on CTV.”

THE MENTALIST debuted to critical acclaim when it premiered last fall on ‘A’. “One of the more promising new network series to debut,” said CanWest News Service. “A noteworthy newcomer,” said the Los Angeles Times. Now, critics agree, the series is a breakout hit. “Only one [new show] – THE MENTALIST – has become a certified hit,” said USA Today. “THE MENTALIST is the new primetime ratings king,” said the New York Post. “THE MENTALIST has managed to deduce what viewers want,” said the Associated Press. And TV Guide Canada remarks that “fans have clearly responded to Baker’s dry wit and the catchy storylines.”

Mentalism involves using intellectual sharpness, observation, mind-reading, extra-sensory perception and clairvoyance to obtain information about a situation or a person. As a modern Sherlock Holmes in THE MENTALIST, Jane uses his highly developed skills of observation, deduction and manipulation to aid the Serious Crimes unit at the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

Joined by no-nonsense Senior Agent Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney, PRISON BREAK) and her team including Kimball Cho (Tim Kang, Rambo), Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman, THE NINE) and rookie member Grace Van Pelt (Amanda Righetti, THE O.C.), Jane uses his controversial methods to help crack tough high profile cases.

In the next all-new episode, “Red John’s Friends” (Sunday, January 4 at 10 p.m. ET), Jane is enticed by a convicted murderer’s promise to reveal information about Red John and quits the CBI in order to prove the prisoner is innocent.

Created and executive produced by Bruno Heller (ROME) and directed and executive produced by David Nutter (TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES) the series is produced by Warner Bros. Television and distributed internationally by Warner Bros. International Television.

CTV calls the TV court to order with the compelling new legal drama series RAISING THE BAR, Fridays at 10 p.m. ET premiering Friday, January 9 following the return of all-new episodes of the hit series FLASHPOINT at 9 p.m. ET (check to confirm local broadcast times). The one-hour drama, created by 10-time Emmy® Award-winning producer Steven Bochco (L.A. LAW, NYPD BLUE) and professor/writer David Feige, follows a group of young lawyers who work on opposite sides of the law – the public defender’s office and the district attorney’s office. Starring a strong, Canadian cast including Currie Graham (WOULD BE KINGS, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES), Gloria Reuben (ER) and Jonathan Scarfe (ER), the series looks beyond the courtroom battles to the relationships between former law school classmates who have become professional adversaries. RAISING THE BAR was one of TNT’s top-rated series when it premiered on the American cable network this past September. Attracting 7.7 million viewers in the U.S., the first episode of the series was ad-supported cable’s #1 new series launch of all time.*

In RAISING THE BAR, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (NYPD BLUE) stars as Jerry Kellerman, an idealistic public defender who will stop at nothing to help those who cannot help themselves. Working with Kellerman are his passionate and protective boss, Rosalind Whitman (Gloria Reuben, ER), fellow public defender Richard Patrick Woolsley (Teddy Sears, UGLY BETTY, MAD MEN) and newcomer Roberta “Bobbi” Gilardi (Natalia Cigliuti, ALL MY CHILDREN). On the opposite side of the court are Michelle Ernhardt (Melissa Sagemiller, SLEEPER CELL), assistant district attorney Nick Balco (Currie Graham, WOULD BE KINGS, DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) and Marcus McGrath (J. August Richards, CONVICTION). The courtroom arena in which they face off belongs to imperious Judge Trudy Kessler (Jane Kaczmarek, MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE). Working for her is law clerk Charlie Sagansky (Jonathan Scarfe, INTO THE WEST), a man with a wealth of secrets.

In the first episode (Friday, January 9 at 10 p.m. ET), public defender Jerry Kellerman (Gosselaar) defends a man he is certain is innocent, but struggles to navigate the system while remaining humble in front of a judge who despises him. Meanwhile, in the district attorney’s office, Michelle (Sagemiller) tries to right a wrong in a rape trial but runs up against her boss, who doesn’t want the DA’s office to be embarrassed by winning a wrongful conviction.

RAISING THE BAR is produced by ABC Studios in association with Bochco Media. Steven Bochco (L.A. LAW, NYPD BLUE) is creator and executive producer; professor and author David Feige (Indefensable) is creator, writer and supervising producer; Dayna Kalins Bochco (NYPD BLUE) is producer; and Jesse Bochco (NYPD BLUE, PRISON BREAK) is director and co-executive producer.

When freedom is on the line, one moment can be the difference between justice served and justice denied. Premiering Wednesday, January 7 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local broadcast times), OF MURDER AND MEMORY is an Original CTV movie inspired by Canadian author Linda Spalding’s involvement in the murder trial of a presumably innocent woman in Hawaii. Spalding’s real-life experiences and guilty conscience led her to write a novel about the case, entitled, Who Named the Knife. Bringing the story from the pages to small screen is a star-studded cast including Annabeth Gish (BROTHERHOOD), Chandra West (JOHN FROM CINCINNATI), Hugh Dillon (FLASHPOINT), Gabriel Hogan (RENT-A-GOALIE) and Maury Chaykin (ENTOURAGE).

Fifteen years ago, Sally Linden (Annabeth Gish) was called to serve as a juror in the murder trial of a woman, Teresa Nichol (Chandra West). The star witness for the prosecution is Teresa’s husband, Vincent Nichol (Hugh Dillon), who claimed his wife shot the victim in cold blood during a robbery attempt gone wrong. On the last day of the trial, Sally arrives to court five minutes late, and is excused from the jury. When Teresa is found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison, Sally leaves Hawaii, her own troubled marriage and her involvement in the trial behind. After coming across her old journal 15 years after the trial, Sally suspects a miscarriage of justice and seeks Teresa out, after visiting Theresa in jail, and going over the trial on her own, Sally fights to have the case reopened. In OF MURDER AND MEMORY, she is forced to face her own questions of guilt, justice and responsibility.

“OF MURDER AND MEMORY explores the themes of justice and redemption in a compelling and emotional way,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. “With a strong cast bringing the story to life, this movie will definitely resonate with viewers who understand the importance of second chances.”

“We were so passionate about bringing Linda Spalding’s story to the screen, and CTV got that right away,” said Semi Chellas, who penned the film. “The story is incredible – about the bond between a woman serving life in prison for a crime she may not have committed, and the woman who put her there. Ultimately, like THE ELEVENTH HOUR [Chellas and Frank’s Gemini-award winning CTV drama], this is a story of hope, integrity and justice — told through the lens of an extraordinary friendship.”

OF MURDER AND MEMORY was filmed on location in Toronto, Hamilton, ON, and Peterborough, ON, in the fall of 2007. The movie was developed by Thump Inc. in association with CTV. It is produced by Thump Inc. in association with CTV, Lifetime and with the participation of COGECO Program Fund.

OF MURDER AND MEMORY is Executive-Produced by Ilana Frank (THE ELEVENTH HOUR, THE LIFE BEFORE THIS) and Daniel Iron (LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, THE RED VIOLIN), directed by David Wellington (LONG DAY’S JOURNEY INTO NIGHT, WOULD BE KINGS) and is written by Semi Chellas (THE ELEVENTH HOUR, RESTLESS SPIRITS), who was inspired by the book Who Named The Knife, by Linda Spalding. Director of Photography is Derek Rogers (FOOLPROOF, NEW WATERFORD GIRL), James McAteer (IN A HEARTBEAT, HALF A DOZEN BABIES) is the Production Designer and Laurie Drew (THE DARK ROOM, REGENESIS 2) is Wardrobe Designer. Brett Burlock is Director, Program Development for CTV. Susanne Boyce is President, Creative, Content and Channels for CTV Inc.

OF MURDER AND MEMORY is the eleventh original movie from CTV’s “Heroes, Champions and Villains” production strand that focuses on remarkable Canadian personalities, characters and stories. The strand is responsible for 2007’s IN GOD’S COUNTRY, starring Kelly Rowan, which delivered a record 1.6 million* viewers and was the most-watched movie (U.S. or Canadian) to air on any Canadian network in 2006-2007. Previous “Heroes, Champions and Villains” titles that have enjoyed critical and ratings success on CTV include ELIJAH, the two-part miniseries LIVES OF THE SAINTS, TERRY, THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF, EIGHT DAYS TO LIVE and SHADES OF BLACK, about the rise and fall of media mogul Conrad Black.

Thursday December 25 at 12pm ET on CityTV

In this powerful Citytv exclusive, CityNews anchor Gord Marineau travels to Afghanistan for candid conversations with our peacekeeping troops in Kandahar and Masum Ghar. Gord speaks openly to these men and women, who put their lives at risk each day, about the reality of life away from home. While there, Gord lifts their spirits with emotional messages from their family and friends in Canada. Even though these heroic soldiers and civilians may be in a distant land, their selfless work is not forgotten. Remember those who can not be with us this Holiday season with City In Afghanistan: Messages from Home.

Premieres Thursday December 25 at 12pm ET with encore presentation on Friday, December 26 at 1pm ET.

In this one-hour special, award winning CityNews anchor Gord Martineau brings you the heart felt stories of two young children, 4 year-old Shatho Batisani from Botswana and 9 year-old Brittney Ramai from Trinidad, both in need of life-saving surgery. With no cure to be found in their home countries the children are brought to the world-renowned Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto. See their emotional journeys from inside the operating room to full recovery, as they are given a gift far greater than one found under a Christmas tree. Watch as Shatho undergoes a highly complicated intestinal surgery while Doctors in Toronto perform Brittney’s second open heart surgery of her young life. Gord shows viewers how their donations can truly make a difference in a child’s life, and reaffirms the age old adage “it is better to give than to receive.”

Premieres Monday, December 22 at 10pm ET/CT/MT/PT
Encore presentation Thursday, December 25 at 9pm ET/CT/PT (8pm MT)

MTV Canada’s home-grown smash THE HILLS LIVE AFTER SHOW has captured the eyes of youth both north and south of the 49th parallel. From Omaha to Ottawa, millions of people across North America are watching the Canadian production, which airs live from MTV Canada’s studios at the Masonic Temple in Toronto. After 10 weeks of simulcast to the U.S., THE HILLS LIVE AFTER SHOW ranks #2 (P12-34) on MTV U.S. following the #1 ranked mega-hit series THE HILLS**. In Canada, the show ranks #1 (P12-34) across all specialty television in its timeslot, placing MTV behind only CTV and Global across all Canadian television*. For the first time ever this Monday, Dec. 22 beginning at 10:30 p.m. ET, hosts Dan Levy and Jessi Cruickshank join the entire HILLS cast live in the Big Apple for THE HILLS LIVE AFTER SHOW season finale including an unforgettable live performance by The Pussycat Dolls.

“THE HILLS LIVE AFTER SHOW took on a life of its own this season, becoming buzzed-about appointment hit television in its own right,” said Brad Schwartz, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Much MTV Group, CTV Inc. “Whether it was live in studio, live via webcam, live online, or live on TV across Canada and the United States, the show brought young people together into a virtual community that catalyzed communication and engaged our passionate HILLS audience, far beyond just a normal television show.”

With Dan and Jessi’s popularity soaring across the continent, they have become more than just experts on THE HILLS, they’ve become genuine pop culture celebrities. As a result, MTV in Canada has spun the weekly series THE HILLS LIVE AFTER SHOW into a new, daily series, simply titled THE AFTER SHOW. Airing live every Tuesday – Thursday at 7:30 p.m. ET on MTV, the daily, interactive, pop-culture series gives viewers more of what they want – more gossip, more information, and most of all more Dan and Jessi.

The first live, imported series to air on MTV in the United States, THE HILLS LIVE AFTER SHOW

Is the #1 ranked Canadian-produced program for F12-24, F12-34, F18-24 and F18-34 across all Canadian Specialty Television***
Ranks as the #2 Canadian-produced program for F18-49 across all Canadian Television***
Ranks as the #2 Canadian-produced, non-sports program for P12-34 and P18-34 across all Canadian Specialty Television***
Delivered 1.2 million video streams on this season
Has original content and highlights included on all THE HILLS DVD boxed sets

24 returns as the television event of the season, and Global along with Virgin Radio are ready to launch the occasion by hosting the “24/7 Ultimate Fan Marathon” for the most hard-core 24 fans around.

On Tuesday, January 6 at Toronto’s Yorkdale Mall, the countdown begins as nine lucky contest winners will have a chance to make their mark in the Guinness book by attempting to watch seasons 1- 6 of 24, consecutively. The one who succeeds will walk away with the grand prize of $24,000 in cash.

ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli will be on hand to kick things off as the contestants launch into one of the biggest television events in history.

“24 fans are incredibly passionate about the series,” said Jamie Schouela, VP, Marketing Strategy, Global Television. “We can think of no better way to herald the launch of the new season than with this extraordinary mission they can call their own.”

Beginning Monday, December 22, fans can enter online to participate by logging onto or by tuning into Virgin Radio 999.

Secondary prizing to be provided by Sharp – for complete contest details, please visit or

24 Season 7 begins with a 2-night, 4-hour premiere starting Sunday, January 11 – 8pm ET/PT on Global. The premiere concludes the following evening on January 12 – 8pm ET/PT.

When you read “As a result of the current economic climate, production of Canadian Idol will rest for the 2009 broadcast year,” you have to wonder what is really going on.

Yes folks, Canadian Idol, that vestibule of revenue gathering for CTV has been rested due to the *cough* current economic climate and that because ad revenues are taking a dive then the ends don’t justify their means.

One would have thought that having Canadian Idol back in 2009 would have been the smartest thing to do. If people aren’t going out spending money, are they not going to be sitting in front of their television sets being entertained at home?

And advertisers not wanting to front due to the constant call of recession are only adding to the problem. The only way out is for people to spend money again. Locking the vaults and not wanting to back one of the biggest ratings winners of 2008 is simply put, ludicrous.

So why is this really happening? The only thing I can think of is that there was no one smart enough at CTV who could find a solution that worked for everyone. Instead of choosing smaller profits, they’ve settled for significantly smaller profits.

It will be very interesting to see what replaces Canadian Idol once American Idol ends. Whatever it is, I doubt CTV will be gloating about their ratings come June.