S17E09 - Nothing tastes better than $500

Randy Bailey - Survivor Gabon
Night 27 at Nobag and Kenny and Crystal know what is going on at camp and Randy isn’t happy. He was impressed at the vote to get rid of Charlie as he had a lot of friends when he knows he doesn’t.

Sugar wants Randy gone and confides in Bob. Bob confides in her and shows her his fake idol. She wonders if he has an evil plan.

Randy and Corinne admit they hate everyone on the tribe and will be glad to be rid of them. However, they know that desperate times call for desperate measures.

The reward challenge is the famous Survivor auction. Everyone has $500 to spend. Randy buys 3 ice cold beers and peanuts for $180. Kenny spend $340 and gets a secret prize. He gets to send someone to Exile Island and take their money. Bob is off again. Sugar also spends $340 and scores herself chocolate and peanut butter. The next prize is a hot bath, fresh clothes and everything to get cleaned. Suzie takes it for $340. Matty takes a cheeseburger, fries and soda for $400. Randy takes spaghetti for $200. Corinne gets a sealed bottle with a bit of help in the next immunity challenge and then the final bid is for $20 and for the whole tribe. Randy takes a plate of cookies for the whole tribe.

As he shares them out, Sugar declines. Randy divides hers up and then offers the final cookie, which was his, which she takes and gives to Matty. Randy leaves the auction full, half drunk, broke and pissed off with Sugar. There is definitely some tension there.

Sugar laughs at how Randy is upset over a stupid cookie. Matty tells Randy that he needs to drop the attitude. Randy and Corinne talk to Matty about switching alliances. They’re sure that the final three, from the way the game is going, is going to be Kenny, Crystal and Suzie and that his only hope is to jump ship to them.

Bob gets a clue which reads the same as the first clue that he got when he first went to Exile Island and decides that he’s going to go on his own little safari. He climbs a mountain and gets inspired by the view.

Back at camp, Matty puts forward his proposal to get rid of Bob at the next tribal council. He advocates for Bob, Randy and then Corinne to be voted out in that order.

Randy is going to mix things up by hoping to agitate everyone and have Bob give him the idol and then blindside Suzie for jumping ship.

The other group are laughing at Randy and saying he’s a 49 year old acting like a 2 year old. Matty decides that Randy does need to go. Crystal too is all for Randy going. He’s stirred them up and is looking forward to the immunity challenge.

At the immunity challenge, everyone has to race across a series of balance beams with a bag of puzzle blocks. Three bags of puzzle blocks then have to be assembled like dominoes.

Corinne gets through to the final automatically thanks to her auction prize. Kenny and Matty are also in the final. Kenny manages to work his dominoes successfully despite it being a close race while Corinne and Matty’s stopped halfway through.

Randy is hoping Bob has the idol. Bob talks to Sugar and it sounds like Sugar is going to propose giving Randy the fake idol and play the joke on him. Bob is hoping to save himself for at least another immunity challenge.

Corinne wants to be sure that Bob hasn’t told anyone that he has the idol. She really doesn’t trust Sugar. Bob gives the idol to Randy who is smitten. He promises that if he isn’t in the finals but Bob is that he will definitely have his vote for the million dollars.

At Tribal council, Crystals message to the camera is heard clearly by the others as she writes down Randy’s name on the parchment. Randy plays Bob’s idol but is humilated. Corinne goes from looking smug to devastated.

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