S17E08 - The Brains Behind Everything

Charlie Herschel - Survivor Gabon

At Kota, Crystal, Ken and Suzie are pretty happy about the result at Tribal Council. Ken is very happy because he’s been responsible for the last few blindsides. Bob is worried though and knows that if there isn’t a merge and they lose another immunity challenge then he’ll be the one going home.

At Fang, it’s a different story. They can’t get the fire going and even if they could it wouldn’t matter because there is no rice to cook. There is a golf flag in the tree mail along with a slingshot that is powered by two people holding it while another pulls.

When the two teams come together, Fang are shocked to see that Marcus has gone. They didn’t think he deserved to go but Ken reminds them that it’s just a game and that they all deserve to be there.

The game is all about getting a ball into the hole using the slingshot. Kota scores the first hole. Fang takes the second. Taking the third hole and the game is Fang after some tension with the final shot. They send bob to exile island.

Fang arrive at the Gabonese village and Matty is stoked because he’s the only one that’s been trapped on the tribe since the start has finally won a reward. The village bath the tribemates before the meal where they talk about the loss of some of the power players. Everyone dances and has a great party with the locals.

Back at Kota, Ken gets himself stuck out on the lake when his boat gets caught on a log. He finally gets himself free and hauls in the fish to take back to camp.

At Exile Island, Bob goes hunting for the idol. He finds the clues but can’t find the last clue/idol. He decides to make a fake idol in the hopes of being able to trick the others if he needs to.

At Fang, Randy is desperately hoping he doesn’t have to see Crystal again. That’s all about to change as Jeff surprises everyone at the immunity challenge that they’re playing for individual immunity now as they are merged.

The challenge is to make fire and burn through a rope. First to get their fire started is Suzie. Sugar gets flame next but no one else is in the race. Suzie wins immunity easily and she has a one in eight chance at the million dollars.

Everyone heads back to Fang where Randy swears it will be either Crystal or him going home.

There is fresh food which everyone is happy about but as soon as the food is dealt with, the strategy begins.

Corinne and Charlie know that Sugar is the swing vote. Corinne says that she needs to pretend like she cares about her to keep her onside.

The Kota four want to break up Corinne and Charlie. Ken talks to Sugar who now thinks she’s the lady of the hour. She doesn’t really trust anyone though.

They decide on the name for the new tribe is Nobag – Gabon backwards.

At Tribal Council, Corinne is shocked to see Charlie’s name come up as he becomes the second member of the jury.

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