November 2008

– Eric Caty, Alex Da Silva and Vicky Lambert join previously announced choreographers –
– Mia Michaels and Dan Karaty join the judging panel –

– Couples perform two dance styles in Wednesday’s Top 8 performance episode –

Toronto, ON (November 17, 2008) – Three more distinguished choreographers – Eric Caty (Open North American Ten-Dance Champion), Alex Da Silva (SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE) and Vicky Lambert (Chicago) – share their expertise with the Top 8 as the couples take on two new dances each this week in SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA, airing Wednesday, November 19 at a special time of 7:58 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local listings). Specializing in dance styles from Jazz to Samba, Caty, Da Silva and Lambert join fellow choreographers Luther Brown, Blake McGrath, Benji Schwimmer, Lil “C” and Stacey Tookey in working with the Top 8 dancers this week.

In this week’s episode, special guest judges Mia Michaels (SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE) and Dan Karaty (SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, AMERICA’S GOT TALENT) join judges Tré Armstrong and Jean Marc Genereux on the panel, while the four remaining couples are paired with both new choreographers and two new styles of dance each.

Below is a list of biographies for the additional SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA choreographers. Previously announced choreographer and judge biographies and photos can be found on the CTV Media Site at Choreographers for upcoming weeks will be announced as the competition continues.

Eric Caty
Montreal’s Eric Caty is a former Open North American Ten-Dance Champion, and has traveled the world competing at some of the most prestigious dance events. For the past 20 years, Eric has been a feature dancer and choreographer for television and events. Eric began his dance career in Montreal, and received training in Latin and Ballroom dances from some of the worlds’ top instructors and coaches. Eric moved to Calgary in 2000 to pursue a very successful professional Ballroom career; it was in Calgary that he was introduced to Salsa in the clubs. Eric and his partner, Kelly Lannan, were recently invited to perform at the World Salsa Congress in Acapulco, Mexico, as well as recently representing Canada at the World Salsa Championships in the Cabaret division, where they placed 6th in the world. Eric and Kelly recently performed on the Calgary stop of the DANCING WITH THE STARS North American tour. Eric is the co-director of Salsa Rica Dance Company, the co-producer of the Calgary International Salsa Congress, and this year has become a certified Ballroom and Latin adjudicator. Eric is also one of the owners of Alberta Dancesport.

Alex Da Silva
Brazil’s Alex Da Silva is among the upper talent when it comes to salsa dancing. The 2002 World Salsa Champion, Alex has become known as a dancer, instructor and choreographer around the world. Featured as a choreographer on all four seasons of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, Alex also choreographed the Spice Girls 2007 world tour and has worked with celebrities such as J. Lo, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Love Hewitt, P. Diddy, Enrique Iglesias, Will Smith and many more. Alex teaches at the biggest salsa clubs in L.A. and some of the most prestigious dance studios, including the Debbie Allen Dance Academy. Currently, Alex continues to travel the world and choreograph and appear on TV and in films.

Vicky Lambert
A multi-talented performer, Vicky has a charisma about her that captivates an audience. A native of Philadelphia and Canadian resident, Vicky has been a dancing phenomenon since the age of three. After graduating from North Carolina School of the Arts, the Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre discovered her talent, accepting her as a principal dancer in the company. It was there that she was recognized, performed all around the world, and was the first African American to be crowned the Princess Grace of Monaco Award. Vicky left the Ailey Company in 1997 and began her career as a model and actress. As a model, she has appeared in major campaigns for L’Oreal, American Express, Power Bar, Buick, Levi’s, and in such magazines as Vogue and GQ. Alongside her husband Paul Becker, she has co-choreographed the films, RV, Eragon, Are We There Yet?, Talk to Me, The Muppets’ Wizard of OZ, and many more. Her extraordinary dancing became a key tool to landing her roles in the feature films Chicago and Enchanted. Since then, Vicky has appeared as an actress in productions like DEAD LIKE ME and THE EVIDENCE. Vicky is currently shooting Robert Marshall’s Nine starring Daniel Day Lewis in London, England.

Tune in to the 30-minute results show on Thursday, November 20 at 7:30 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local broadcast times) to catch the Top 8 perform a steamy Pasa Double group number choreographed by SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA’s Jean Marc Genereux. The gypsy-themed number will be performed to the song “Malaguena” by Brian Setzer.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA’s Top 10 are taking their moves on the road for an historic, 15-city Canadian tour beginning January 30, 2009 in Vancouver. Featuring hit performances from throughout the first season, fans will need to act quickly to purchase their tickets when they go on sale this weekend, beginning November 21. Details regarding on-sale dates and ticket purchasing are coming soon to

An encore broadcast of this week’s performance and results episodes air back-to-back on Sunday, November 23 at 9 p.m. ET on MuchMusic (visit to confirm local broadcast times).

Highlights from each week’s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE CANADA episodes are available on demand on the CTV Video Player at For exclusive footage and clips, information on dancers, judges and choreographers along with image galleries, videos, forums, blogs from the judges and more, visit

Who Needs Love When You Can Have Cold Hard Cash?

Unforgettable Personalities from “Rock of Love”, “I Love New York” and “Flavor of Love” Battle it Out in a Quest for Fame and Fortune

(Toronto – November 10th, 2008) Your favourite reality show contestants are back, but this time they’re not looking for someone to care for – they’re looking for cold hard cash! Watch as they battle it out through fierce bed brawls, triathlons and multiple backstabbings, for the chance to win $250,000. “I Love Money” premieres Wednesday, November 19th on Citytv!

Broadcast Schedule

Citytv Toronto Wednesday, November 19th at 10pm ET

Citytv Winnipeg Wednesday, November 19th at 10pm CT

Citytv Calgary Wednesday, November 19th at 10pm MT

Citytv Edmonton Wednesday, November 19th at 10pm MT

Citytv Vancouver Wednesday, November 19th at 10pm PT

The biggest, the boldest and the most infamous cast members from “Rock of Love”, “I Love New York” and “Flavor of Love” star in “I Love Money” – a 12 episode reality series that pits 17 contestants against each other in outrageous challenges in an effort to win $250,000. Watch as 12 Pack, Chance, Heat, Midget Mac, Mr. Boston, Real, The Entertainer, Whiteboy, Brandi C., Destiney, Heather, Hoopz, Megan, Nibblz, Pumkin, Rodeo and Toastee travel to Mexico to compete in scandalous contests to test their determination to get rich or humiliate themselves trying! The challenges are based on previous memorable “…of Love” moments. You’ll see them take on a variety of tasks from assembling catapults, to solving complex puzzles, to mastering the art of pole dancing. As expected, the contestants will also show the competition a little love with a lot of lip locking!

“I Love Money” is created and executive produced by Mark Cronin and Cris Abrego for 51 Minds Entertainment, LLC, an Endemol Company, who also produce the record-breaking series “Rock of Love,” “Flavor of Love,” “Charm School,” “I Love New York,” “The Surreal Life” and “My Fair Brady.” Ben Samek and Matt Odgers also executive produce for the series and the company.

Don’t miss the drama when “I Love Money” premieres Wednesday, November 19th on Citytv!

– Bravo! spotlights the history of one of the world’s premiere dance companies –

Toronto, ON (October 29, 2008) – Premiering Sunday, November 30 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT on Bravo!, ROYAL WINNIPEG BALLET: 40 YEARS OF ONE NIGHT STANDS profiles the groundbreaking ballet company that set the dance world on Prairie fire. Until two British immigrants infused the city with a shot of culture, depression-era Winnipeg was a lonesome place. In the remote Canadian Prairies, Gweneth Lloyd and Betty Hey Farrally founded Canada’s first professional ballet company. Lloyd and Farrally laid the groundwork, but it was basketball-player-turned-ballet-dancer-turned-artistic-director, Arnold Spohr, who propelled the Royal Winnipeg Ballet to its place among the world’s best.

The first Canadian company to be granted a “Royal” title, the Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB) has performed in 573 cities, across 44 countries on six continents. From Flin Flon to Moscow, RWB wows audiences and critics alike with its youth, vitality, and innovation. The dream of two determined immigrants has survived flood, financial collapse, and a devastating fire, to become one of the world’s premiere dance companies.

In ROYAL WINNIPEG BALLET: 40 YEARS OF ONE NIGHT STANDS, former company members recount the birth and first four decades of this history-making troupe. The 60-minute documentary also includes rarely seen archival footage of the RWB’s most famous performances.

ROYAL WINNIPEG BALLET: 40 YEARS OF ONE NIGHT STANDS is produced by Merit Motion Pictures and Inside Out Productions in association with Bravo!, directed by Peabody Award Winner, Jeff McKay, and narrated by the Tony Award®-winning actor, Brent Carver.

Charlie Herschel - Survivor Gabon

At Kota, Crystal, Ken and Suzie are pretty happy about the result at Tribal Council. Ken is very happy because he’s been responsible for the last few blindsides. Bob is worried though and knows that if there isn’t a merge and they lose another immunity challenge then he’ll be the one going home.

At Fang, it’s a different story. They can’t get the fire going and even if they could it wouldn’t matter because there is no rice to cook. There is a golf flag in the tree mail along with a slingshot that is powered by two people holding it while another pulls.

When the two teams come together, Fang are shocked to see that Marcus has gone. They didn’t think he deserved to go but Ken reminds them that it’s just a game and that they all deserve to be there.

The game is all about getting a ball into the hole using the slingshot. Kota scores the first hole. Fang takes the second. Taking the third hole and the game is Fang after some tension with the final shot. They send bob to exile island.

Fang arrive at the Gabonese village and Matty is stoked because he’s the only one that’s been trapped on the tribe since the start has finally won a reward. The village bath the tribemates before the meal where they talk about the loss of some of the power players. Everyone dances and has a great party with the locals.

Back at Kota, Ken gets himself stuck out on the lake when his boat gets caught on a log. He finally gets himself free and hauls in the fish to take back to camp.

At Exile Island, Bob goes hunting for the idol. He finds the clues but can’t find the last clue/idol. He decides to make a fake idol in the hopes of being able to trick the others if he needs to.

At Fang, Randy is desperately hoping he doesn’t have to see Crystal again. That’s all about to change as Jeff surprises everyone at the immunity challenge that they’re playing for individual immunity now as they are merged.

The challenge is to make fire and burn through a rope. First to get their fire started is Suzie. Sugar gets flame next but no one else is in the race. Suzie wins immunity easily and she has a one in eight chance at the million dollars.

Everyone heads back to Fang where Randy swears it will be either Crystal or him going home.

There is fresh food which everyone is happy about but as soon as the food is dealt with, the strategy begins.

Corinne and Charlie know that Sugar is the swing vote. Corinne says that she needs to pretend like she cares about her to keep her onside.

The Kota four want to break up Corinne and Charlie. Ken talks to Sugar who now thinks she’s the lady of the hour. She doesn’t really trust anyone though.

They decide on the name for the new tribe is Nobag – Gabon backwards.

At Tribal Council, Corinne is shocked to see Charlie’s name come up as he becomes the second member of the jury.

Tuesday, November 25
9 p.m.

Weeks of grueling competition come to a close, and after tallying the judges’ and viewers’ votes, one couple will leave the ballroom floor and one couple will emerge the winner.

Monday, November 24
10 p.m.

When a savage killer runs rampant in Miami, Horatio must intervene to stop a member of the police force from getting too close to the case.

Monday, November 24
9:30 p.m.

Lacey is excited about Oscar and Emma’s hot tub party until she discovers she is the only guest in attendance. Davis charms Dog River as their new safety mascot, until Karen dons the suit. Brent tries to crack the mystery of where Hank is staying after damage to Hank’s house leaves him homeless.

Monday, November 24
8 p.m.

The pressure is on as the Top 2 couples dance-off for the win.

Sunday, November 30
7:30 p.m.

Spinner and Jane have plans for next year – she’ll start pre-law and he’ll attend police college. But when he doesn’t get accepted, Spinner can’t bear to tell Jane, so he lies. Jane catches him, and starts to wonder if her future includes Spinner. Meanwhile, Clare gets invited to the dance by K.C. and Connor, and when it looks like their struggle for her attention will jeopardize Robot Wars, she decides to go with neither of them. “Lost in Love, Part Two” airs Sunday, December 7 at 7:30 p.m. ET.

Saturday, November 29
7 p.m.

New episode. No synopsis currently available.