Top 25 Sex Scandals of the Stars

Sunday, November 30
8 p.m. ET

Hosted by Tanya Kim and Traci Melchor, TOP 25 SEX SCANDALS OF THE STARS is a one-hour look at Hollywood’s most outrageous and unforgettable sex scandals. SexTV’s Cynthia Loyst, gossip queen Lainey, Daily Mail’s Ashley Pearson, and comedian Cecily Knobler provide insight behind the shocking headlines that grabbed public and media attention. From sex tapes, to nude photos online, celebrity PDA is running rampant. Featuring Pamela Anderson’s “performance” on Tommy Lee, Vanessa Williams’ Penthouse portraits, George Michael’s “walks” in the park, and Woody Allen’s paternal relations, this special also examines how scandals launch, benefit, or halt the careers of Hollywood’s elite.

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