The Comedy Network Raises the Roof on New Original Comedy Series HOUSE

Toronto, Ontario (October 22, 2008) — Broken beer bottles, boozy misunderstandings, compromising bets, a doppelgänger, a missing cat, and one man, trying to keep his life and his parent’s house intact. Welcome to HOUSE PARTY, a clever, new homegrown comedy series with one story, told by five different points of view. The mayhem starts Wednesday, November 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with back to back episodes, exclusively on The Comedy Network. HOUSE PARTY also rocks viewers on-demand at, and on the go at

Filmed and set in Winnipeg, HOUSE PARTY is a hilarious, six part, half-hour comedy series that follows the course of events at an intimate get-together spun into an out of control house party. Each episode focuses on a different character, and his or her version of what transpires at the party. The first and last episodes follow party host Adam (Michal Grajewski – Falcon Beach, 2030 CE), who is charged with house-sitting his parent’s house and their beloved cat. Subsequent episodes focus on Adam’s high school crush Megan (Sarah Podemski – Cry of the Owl, The Border); foul-mouthed Allison (Grace Lynn Kung – Blue State, Away From Her); the overly zealous Mandy (Melanie Leishman – Darcy’s Wild Life, Pure Evil); and Eric (Dylan Taylor – Charlie Bartlett, The Jane Show), Adam’s best friend and the man responsible for inviting half of Winnipeg.

Uninvited guests with recurring roles in HOUSE PARTY include: Stan the lush who can’t hold his booze; Birdy the naïve friend from next door; the iconic and sexy Sean Goldstein; Darren, Allison’s two-faced British boyfriend; Hannah the wallflower; sardonic politicos Iain and Gretl, pompous nerds Gordon and Yevitz, and frat boys Bill Seaton and Dave Beverly.

In the series premiere, Adam eagerly accepts his parent’s invitation to house-sit, seeing this as an opportunity to hold a ‘civilized’ gathering for a few close friends in hopes of wooing the girl of his dreams, Megan, with his sophisticated hosting skills. But when Allison shows up with her strange new boyfriend instead of Megan, and Eric invites the entire city of Winnipeg, Adam’s plans – along with his parent’s house – are turned upside-down.

Episode 2 follows Adam’s best friend Eric, who is pumped to spend quality time with his estranged buddy. When Adam tells him he wants to plan a get-together, Eric, as usual, misreads Adam’s intentions, and invites a horde of people. When Eric discovers that there is no party, he tries to call it off but his attempts are futile. As the night’s dilemmas accumulate, Eric is crushed to see Adam pal around with a new best friend. To retaliate, he sets on a mission to replace Adam’s friendship, but when he introduces a porn-themed drinking game to the party, and to his new buddy, the plan goes belly-up.

HOUSE PARTY is directed by Kelly Makin (Mickey Blue Eyes, Kids in the Hall) and John Barnard (Gorilla Trap, Warriors: TKO), and written by newcomers Sarah Constible and Matt Kippen. It’s produced by Farpoint Films and Inferno Pictures, in association with The Comedy Network, and with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund, Telefilm Canada, Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, Manitoba Film and Video Production Tax Credit. It was developed in association with The Comedy Network and Manitoba Film & Sound.

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