Nico Archambault

Nico Archambault - So You Think You Can Dance Canada 2008

Nico Archambault

Age: 23
Occupation: Dancer/Choreographer
Hometown: Montreal
Audition City: Montreal
Place of Birth: Montreal
Nickname: Nico
Favourite Style of Dance: Contemporary and Hip-Hop
Signature Dance Move: “From a handstand, I push back on my hands, roll onto my stomach and press back up on the top of my feet.”
Couldn’t Live Without: “A book.”
Motto: “The Red Queen’s Hypothesis: It takes all the running you can do to stay in the same place.”

Hailing from Longueuil, Quebec, dancer/choreographer Nico Archambault refused to let naysayers stop him from pursuing his passion for dance. “Despite the fact that I was told to forget about it – that I would never make it – I never stopped doing what I thought was right.” He feels his ability to “adapt to different styles, energy and vibes” helped him land a spot in the Top 20 for So You Think You Can Dance Canada.

Although Nico has been studying dance at Cégep du Vieux Montréal, the dance world is not his sole source of inspiration. Groundbreaking rock ‘n’ roll acts such as Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Pink Floyd are some of the artists he deems as “genius.”

Nico finds the camaraderie amongst dancers the most surprising part of his So You Think You Can Dance Canada experience. Wary of competition, he is touched to be surrounded by like-minded contestants who, as he says, “all came here for the love of dance, and were willing to help everyone as much as they could.”

As a longtime dancer, Nico is used to the physical intensity of competing. He has found waiting to be his biggest challenge, “because when you wait, you have the time to think, and with the thinking comes the doubting…”

Nico feels that winning So You Think You Can Dance Canada will require a great deal of hard work, determination and showmanship on his part. When asked what viewers can expect when they see him perform in the Top 20, Nico promises “passion, energy, entertainment and honesty…all this with a sexy vibe I guess!”

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  • Nidia

    Nico SEXY SEXY SEXY. We want to see more! He is all man and deserves to be up there. We all enjoy his passion and energy. Keep it up Nico. You are doing amazing! Thank you for all that you leave on the stage.

  • Dee

    Does anyone know the name of the song that Nico danced to in his audition?

  • Cailey

    HAWT! 🙂
    i love Nico!
    he’s an amazing dancer and has the hottest body 🙂 ahaa
    I LOVE NICO ARCHAMBAULT ….. its not even funny…teehee

  • Didi

    Does ANYONE know how tall he is????????????

  • Caroline Brûlé

    Coming from Victoriaville in Quebec, I’m so proud to see how much talented dancers there are in Montreal and of course….Nico is amazing. He is my favorite. So keep on voting for him !!!

    Je suis vraiment une très grande fan de Nicolas Archambault.
    Il y a du talent en danse au Québec.

    Donc lâche pas Nico….tu as de nombreux fan èa Victoriaville 🙂

    Pis on va continuer de voter pour toi.

    On te souhaite de gagner et de réaliser tous tes rêves tu es un artiste né.

  • Sizzy

    Nico has like the hottest body.Sexy.I love him.I think he’s so talented and his dancing is fabulous. He’s awesome! 😀

  • Jen

    OMG…those eyes!!! He makes me melt. Nico is so hot he makes my teeth sweat. Oh…and he’s a good dancer! :o)

  • Jaime

    Nico Is amazing, I look forward to the show just to see him! My Motto’s are ‘Keep on Keeping on’ and ‘Life aint worth living if you don’t take risks’ Nico keep going for your dreams man!

  • Romina

    Thats all i have to say!
    Nico come to vancouver
    and dance for mee!!!!

  • Katerina

    Nico dances with such passion and sheer sexiness. He oozes male sex appeal on the stage, it’s a pleasure to watch him embody what every male dancer should embody. The perfect partner? Yes, he is!
    Make us Montrealers proud Nico, I’m supporting you 100% and I think you’ll make it all the way to the top. No holds bar, dance your heart out…….!!!!

    From a fellow Mtler,
    je t’aime Nico! 🙂

  • Gabil Paradis

    Yes I believe we all wish for a man as beautiful as Nico with those sexy blue eyes and that amazing body of his. What I wouldn’t do to fight off and beat down every last man and woman on earth to have me some of that. YUM!!!

  • Sarah Boylan

    You are probably the sexiest man i have ever laid eyes on.
    Not to mention your talent as the most exquisite dancer i’ve ever seen.
    You are a joy to watch, and by the again, the HOTTEST man alive.
    holy mother of god.
    Please come to Edmonton and put on a show for all us Albertans who want your bod!!
    Good luck in the competition,
    We all know you’ll finish on top!

  • Mrs. Archambault

    Oh my GOD.
    I would have this man in a heartbeat, and bear his children.
    Who am I kidding what wouldn’t I do to Nico?
    He is such a raw sexy beast. I think if I got within 10 feet of him my panties would burst into flames – no joke.

  • Bob Zoy

    Nico has the passion and attraction to make fantastic dance action!

  • Michel

    Nico definately has the sexiest bod in the comp. I love him, I would love to marry this guy! He has got to come and dance for me, I’m supporting him all the way! Nico is so hawt, love him!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Livvvv

    IM SORRY: hahaha plain and simple NICO IS FUCKING SEXY!
    and there’s just something different about him.
    confident damn good looking male dancer that.. def can dance!
    he’s gonna win i think for sure.
    and yes passion and energy is amazzzzing.
    who’s with me when he did that dance with arrasay and he had those wings on?
    i was like. you are impeccable.
    hot hot hooooooot!

  • Livvvvv

    ahahahaha – mrs. archambault’s comment is friggin hilarious.
    im with ya on that one for sure girl.
    make that mrs. archambault numero 2 over here.
    he can take up pologamy so he can do us all hahah.
    i know i could do crazy things to that man.
    haha seriously tho who wouldn’t
    he’s actually like too hot too handle its scary how sexy he is lol.

  • Raizelle

    OMG ! Nico you’re so goodlooking !
    and you are one of the best dancers
    i have ever seen in Cnada . oh yeeeah !
    I voted for you by the way of course ! L0L .
    well i flippin love you ! byeeeeee MUAH !
    lmfao ;]



  • Josie Lalonde

    Nico is no Michael Jackson. Lots of young people can dance as well as Nico or better. He should put his money into an excellent education engineering degree or business degree. I’m a dancer from National Ballet and it’s a lot of money and VERY hard work. We only have one principal ballet Rex Harrington should have told you how much work their is to learn the dance world. Nico drive safely in your car.I mean only the best for a good looking young man named Nico Archambault.

  • esse

    Josie, ur right hes not the BEST dancer in the world
    but hes an AMAZING dancer, he has passion, charisma and swagger
    and he makes people feel when he dances. That’s what counts.
    And id totally do him =)

  • Rienholder

    Hello…. i enjoy your his dancing

  • Madison


  • abby

    My first time to see you Nico was during the final competition and my heart skipped a beat and diaphoretic. I asked myself who is this guy? I have to rewind the recorded show just to make sure I see every inch of you in the dance floor. You are an art masterpiece that I want to paint and sculpture,..but the dance…the dance…makes you an active volcano too hot even to look at or touch except in my fantasy. Go and dance you are born for it.

    Abby Toronto

  • Ana Coquine-Thé

    Nico! Je t’aime! tu est si chaud! you are the most talented, passionate and sexy dancer i have ever seen (et j’ai vue tout les so you think you can dance)!
    tu est mon dieu!
    marry me! <3 !

  • Claudia

    Nico stay true to your self you won because you were the best even though your look did help I still believe that we voted for the right dancer with respect and afection thanks for making Canada proud …

  • julia

    I really think there should be a contest
    to go on a date with Nico:)
    I think EVERY GIRL In the world would go in in this contest
    Nico Archambault, is a major hottie

  • Marisa

    Nico is amazing dancer and he is very good looking! I hope there is a contest to go on a date with him because if there is i am so there! Can’t wait to see more of Nico!!

  • Anonymous