Lisa Auguste

Lisa Auguste - So You Think You Can Dance Canada 2008

Lisa Auguste

Age: 27
Occupation: Dancer/Performer
Hometown: Rexdale, Ontario
Audition City: Toronto
Place of Birth: Toronto
Nickname: Mystic
Favourite Style of Dance: Contemporary/Hip-Hop
Signature Dance Move: Side-split
Couldn’t Live Without: “Mascara; Paper and a pen.”
Motto: “If you can believe it, you can conceive it.”

Lisa Auguste was bitten with the dance bug early. She started dancing at the age of three, training in jazz, tap, ballet, acrobatics, hip-hop, modern and contemporary. She considers her commitment and love of dance as her biggest accomplishment, and she’s determined to always keep dancing. “I have not stopped, can’t stop, won’t stop – I’m still evolving.”

Lisa is a graduate of Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, and the Canadian Aesthetics Academy. Currently living in Rexdale, Ontario, Lisa is excited to represent her community “with poise and grace.”

Upon learning she made it into the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 20, Lisa couldn’t help but feel “sheer joy, relief and the anticipation of a new beginning.” Relying on the support of her family, Lisa knows she’ll have to give it her all to make it in the competition. “I gotta live it and bring it!”

Lisa is inspired by choreographer Mia Michaels, also a choreographer on the U.S. version So You Think You Can Dance, citing Mia’s class as the best she’s ever taken. “I was 14, attending a class at the Broadway Dance Centre in New York, and a sub came in for Frank Hachet.” To her surprise, it was Mia Michaels. “It was my first class with her and I fell in love.”

Lisa hopes to create her own dance career path, filled with success, excitement and growth. “And there’s never a shortage of inspiration… our judges are just one example.” Along that path, Lisa would love to work with Mia Michaels, or the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.

Her advice for other So You Think You Can Dance Canada hopefuls? “Learn how to take criticism as graciously as you do compliments, and try not to compare yourself to others.” Above all, Lisa’s key recommendation is to “always remind yourself why you love to dance.”

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  • Nidia


    Beautiful eyes, perfect teeth, and strong strong strong with zero body fat and ALL WOMAN WITH dedication and disapline like no other. A real perfectionist I can see.

    You are a pleasure to watch my dear. Good luck to you in all you do. This is just a window for you. Now that the world has seen you I am certain you will be very busy forever more.

  • pooh bah

    Your rockstar number with Nico was outstanding. Keep up the good work girl!

  • lolli

    woman, i voted for you like a motha! each and every week!
    some of my friends were like, i can’t believe your spending your time on this.
    to which i replied, just whip out your phone and dial this number, fool!
    i’m pleased to have found this blog, ’cause i wanna let you know that you’ve got a tdot crew that thinks your da bomb.
    clearly you kuh-illed it on the dancefloor, but further, you’re just so damn likable!
    you showed the world a beautiful woman, inside and out. yeah.

    you’ll make them hundred g’s on your own,
    you go!

  • vandabway

    were you a man?

  • micheal.jackson

    dear lisa,
    I have many questions amd comments. but the most inportant of all my comments or questions is this
    :were you or are you at any time a man aka male. I ask this question because i think you look very mannish. Also because on time when you were lifted on the show I am 100% sure that i saw your ding-aling. It was flapping wildly all over the place and it turned me

    from micheal Jackson
    (call me)