Lara Smythe

Lara Smythe - So You Think You Can Dance Canada 2008

Lara Smythe

Age: 25
Occupation: Student
Hometown: Toronto
Audition City: Toronto
Place of Birth: Toronto
Nickname: Lardo
Favourite Style of Dance: Acro
Signature Dance Move: “The shu-shunova. I sort of fly through the air and land on my stomach.”
Couldn’t Live Without: “Being at the cottage or on the water.”
Motto: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Getting her start as a competitive gymnast, Toronto native Lara Smythe transferred to dance in high school and hasn’t looked back since. When she isn’t dancing, this jack of all trades divides her time between attending the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, serving at the Keg Steakhouse and working as a sailing instructor.

Growing up attending Earl Haig’s performing arts program in Toronto, Lara is no stranger to the world of dance, but was surprised by how the competition has renewed her passion to perform. “Before auditioning, I felt my performing days were over, but this competition is like an exciting second chance to learn new styles, experience amazing choreography, and simply do my ‘thang.”

Despite a rocky start, blanking on the choreography during finals, Lara impressed the judges and landed a spot in the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 20. When she found out she’d made it, Lara was in disbelief. “I thought I was dreaming.”

Her dream of making it into the Top 20 became a reality with the support of her family and friends. “I’d have to say my Dad is my #1 supporter, but my grandparents, and aunts and uncles aren’t far behind.”

A fan of acrobatics, Lara has been working mainly as a choreographer in the dance world for the last five years. But she admits it was So You Think You Can Dance Canada judge Blake McGrath’s choreography that had her sweating. “I worked so incredibly hard, dripping sweat from head to toe, with cuts and bruises, but it felt so rewarding to be working that hard.”

Although she admires the contribution every dancer gives to their community, Lara intends to pursue her own dance path. “I enjoy my path as uniquely my own, and I am continually amazed at what I discover.”

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  • Michele

    I am sooooo very sad that Lara got voted off, her and Miles were my absolute favorite dancers. You to have sooooo much chemistry together. I can not believe i have to watch him dance with someone else. I really hope that it works as well as it did for you too. I am certainly not saying Nataley can not dance, however i can’t help my disappointment. I know you will succeed at anything. Good luck and God bless. I will miss you and Miles together, especially the chemistry between the two of you. Maybe one day we will see the two of you together again!!!!!!!!!!!!!