Jeff Ross and Edyta Sliwinska

Jeff Ross

Comedian Jeffrey Ross a.k.a. the “Roastmaster General,” has delivered numerous show stopping performances at celebrity roasts honoring the likes of William Shatner, Hugh Hefner, Donald Trump, Pamela Anderson, Bob Saget and Emmitt Smith, inspiring New York Magazine to crown him The Meanest Man in Comedy. As a comic, Jeff has appeared on several late night and morning shows Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and The View. Jeff’s other TV credits include Weeds and C.S.I. He has also appeared in such films as the Farrelley Brothers’ Stuck on You, and the critical sensation, The Aristocrats. Jeff’s comedy special, Jeffrey Ross: No Offense – Live From New Jersey, was shot in his home state before a live crowd in Atlantic City. It aired on Comedy Central in August and will be released on DVD in October. Jeff continues to tour regularly.

Edyta Sliwinska
Emerald Ball Latin Amateur Champion
1st Place – 2001 International Grand Ball (San Francisco)
1st Place – 2001 Holiday Ball (Las Vegas, Nevada)

Style: Latin
Nationality: Polish
Based in: Los Angeles
Status: Not Currently Competing

Edyta most recently reached the finals with partner Jason Taylor in Season 6, finishing second. She partnered boxing champion Evander Holyfield in Season 1, where they came in 5th place. In Season 2 she and George Hamilton also came in 5th. During Season 3, she partnered actor Joey Lawrence and they came in 3rd place. Season 4, Edyta partnered actor John Ratzenberger into 6th place. She is the only professional dancer to appear in all seven seasons of Dancing with the Stars.

Edyta comes from a working class Polish background and has made many sacrifices to pursue her dream to become the world’s greatest Latin dancer. She misses her family greatly but feels she is on the road to stardom in the dancing world so the sacrifice is worth it.

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