Breanne Wong

Breanne Wong - So You Think You Can Dance Canada 2008

Breanne Wong

Age: 25
Occupation: Dance teacher
Hometown: Ajax, Ontario
Audition City: Toronto
Place of Birth: Scarborough, Ontario
Nickname: Honey Bee Breanne
Favourite Style of Dance: Contemporary
Signature Dance Move: “My head flicks…I like to throw my hair around.”
Favourite Music Video: “Apparations,” by Matthew Good Band
Couldn’t Live Without: “My eye mask at night, I cannot sleep without it.”
Motto: “Dance like there’s nobody watching.”

Breanne Wong, or “Honey Bee Breanne” as her Mom affectionately calls her, had a rocky start with dance. “I started when I was three, but hated dance from the ages of seven to 10.” Breanne eventually warmed up to dance, becoming a competitive dancer when she was 12 years old while attending Taylor Studios. “Somewhere along the way I discovered a love for dance that I could not live without.”

Now a dance teacher from Ajax, Breanne favours contemporary. Breanne says becoming a co-owner of her own dance studio is her biggest accomplishment, aside from making it into the So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 20!

Breanne knows it will take hard work to make it in the competition, and she counts on the support of her parents and husband. Breanne’s Nana, in particular, has been the greatest inspiration to her. “She never got the opportunity to dance and all she wanted was for me to be happy.”

When asked what the most challenging part of the competition is, Breanne says it’s becoming a student again. “I have not taken a class in three years, so being in the spotlight is definitely a challenge for me.”

Breanne would like to follow in the path of choreographer Mia Michaels, a regular contributor to the U.S. version So You Think You Can Dance, but with a twist. “I totally want to be a master choreographer like Mia one day. I think she’s brilliant,” says Breanne. “But I would like to be in front of the camera first.” She hopes to dance with Mia, while making time to perform with another favourite, Janet Jackson.

Proud to be a part of the competition, Breanne thinks So You Think You Can Dance Canada is important because it’s bringing dance to the forefront of Canada. “We are going to make our mark this year!”

What will it take to become Canada’s favourite dancer? “A crazy amount of focus,” Breanne says. “You cannot let your nerves or emotions get the best of you in a competition like this. I have to stay true to myself.”

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