Theo Tams wins Canadian Idol 2008

Lethbridge, Alberta has a new star tonight as 22 year old Theo Tams became the sixth winner of Canadian Idol.

Tams will release his debut single titled Sing which is expected to debut at #1 on the Canadian Charts.

Theo beat 22 year old Mitch MacDonald from Port Hood Nova Scotia who had been criticized for his pitchy vocals throughout the entire series.

Theo Tams - Canadian Idol Winner 2008

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  • Renee Dustan

    I only started watching Canadian Idol the other night… and I must say I was really impressed by both singers but Theo, you my friend caught my attention…… I new you were great when I got cold shivers when you sang…. I just knew I had to watch the finally and I have to say I was very happy when you were announced as the winner of Canadian Idol. Your song “Sing” also caught my attention and I can’t wait for it to hit the stores so I can by it. Congratulations on your deserved win on Canadian Idol.

  • Rhiana Dixon

    I was going for ya Mitch!!! I was sooooooooo disapointed when they announced Theo’s name instead of yours. Cape Bretoner’s ROCK!!!!!!!

  • Theo Tams

    lol theo tams rules!!!