Season 3 Premiere

Tune in to the third season of fashion hits and misses, hilarious and heartwarming plot twists and fabulous guest stars. “Ugly Betty” returns Thursday, September 25th on Citytv.

After two seasons of looking out for everyone else, Betty Suarez is forced to make some tough decisions about her own life. There isn’t enough room in Betty’s day timer to juggle her two potential suitors and she must choose – once and for all – between Henry, the lovable accountant who has recently fathered a child with Betty’s nemesis Charlie, and Gio, the Deli guy with the tough exterior and heart of gold.

As if that wasn’t enough, Betty is forced to deal with the return of Kimmie, a ‘mean girl’ from high school played by Lindsay Lohan. Ignacio Suarez lands a new job at a fast food joint while Wilhelmina’s manipulations force Daniel to make some changes of his own. Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa appear as themselves in the first episode since the pilot to be filmed entirely in New York.

Catch the season premiere of “Ugly Betty” Thursday, September 25th on Citytv.

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