Gabon - Season Premiere - S17E01

Survivor Gabon is here! Jeff Probst is back after recently winning an Emmy Award.

18 Americans have been bought together and flown to one of the most remotest parts of Africa. They are arriving in their street clothes where they will have to work together to survivor until one by one, they are eliminated and one walks away with the million dollar prize.

39 days. 18 people. 1 Survivor. This is Survivor Gabon – Earth’s Last Eden.

Everyone introduces themselves and what they do. We’ve got everything from Ken the professional video game player and big on strategy to an Olympic Gold Medalist, Photographer, Medic and students.

The two oldest members are Bob and Gillian and have the job of picking tribes. They rock off and Bob wins to get the selection process started. There are no rules about who you can choose.

Bob calls over Ace. Sugar, Matty, Charlie, Paloma, Kelly, Corrine and their Tribe name is Kota.

Gillian chooses, Crystal, Suzanne, Marcus, Randy, Dan, GC, Ken and Melissa and their tribe name is Fang.

The first challenge is to be the first person from each tribe to race to the top of a hill and grab one of two immunity idols. The first tribe to have al their members on the mat will also take an extra bag of beans and rice.

GC and Marcus are first to the hill which is a real challenge to climb. Marcus has the idol for Kota and GC has the idol for Fang.

Michelle, the last girl picked was the first girl to the top of the hill and says they can all kiss her ass now.

Kota wins the extra bag of corn and beans with Fang being a way back. It wasn’t close at all which bodes well for Kota if they can maintain that success in the challenges.

Kota arrive at their camp and find some very run down shacks. Sugar thinks it looks really nice.

Bob takes control at camp and builds and works camp into a reasonable semblance of society.

Gillian is hoping Fang can stay positive. She wants them to bring back any elephant dung they can find as it burns well.

Ken finds a termite mound and convinces Michelle to eat them. Ken is smitten with her and he’s hoping for romance.

Ace is getting on some nerves at Kota. Charlie thinks he has a connection with Marcus. Marcus isn’t that way inclined though.

At Fang, there are elephants and other animals wandering very close to camp. Randy smacks his head on something and gets a nasty gash on his head. The medics are called and he’s given stitches leaving him petrified that he might be taken out of the game.

In the morning, there are crickets and other insects for breakfast. Michelle complains about how cold it is and can’t understand why that is being so close to the equator. She complains about being stuck in a camp with dorks while the other tribe has the smart and beautiful people.

The first challenge arrives via tree mail. Ace wants to get everyone on the same page and hopes the tribe is in sync and runs a yoga class.

At the challenge, the two tribes are playing for immunity and have to race around a course and dig up three bags of puzzle pieces and then assemble the puzzle for the win.

Solving the puzzle are Paloma, Sugar and Bob for Kota. Susie, Gillian and Randy are solving the puzzle for Fang.

It’s neck and neck through the leech filled swamp and then Fang take the lead over the net wall.

At the dig, Kota finds all their bags and head to the final stage while a tired Fang keep hunting for their bags. It’s another whitewash as Kota wins immunity and fire before Fang even get their puzzle pieces to the puzzle mat.

GC is a little disappointed at not having fire but knows he’s safe having won the immunity idol. He’s hoping someone steps up as a leader as they have no game plan.

Michelle seems to be the favorite to go as she is too negative for a lot of the others. Randy wants Gillian to be gone though as he thinks she’s the weakest link. Michelle and Ken are also hoping that it will be Gillian going home.

At tribal council, Michelle gets nailed about the challenge after she says others took breaks during the challenge. They decide to nominate GC as the leader.

At the vote, the cards fall the way of Michelle. Gillian looks happy while Ken is kissing his romantic prospects goodbye. Everyone gets over the vote fairy quickly when Jeff tells them that they can take fire back to camp.

GC is feeling as though he has a bigger target on his back now that he’s been given the title of leader by his tribe mates.

At Kota, Charlie can’t understand why the girls aren’t all over Marcus. Marcus views his relationship with Charlie as an inner circle arrangement. They want Jacqui and Corrine in their alliance as well before anyone else makes a pitch.

At Fang, GC is trying to organise camp. They have a plan for the day which involves making the bed comfortable. There are some issues with the rice which Randy thinks is crazy. He’s a weird one and has a game plan to sit on his ass and watch everyone else crash and burn.

Back at Kota, Corinne, Marcus, Jacqui and Charlie want to bring Bob into their alliance.

That night, GC does laundry while the others sleep and snore. Gillian complains at him about making sloshing noises. He tells her that the reason he got up was because they woke him up snoring.

GC quits as leader and Randy is happy. Dan wasn’t happy with the decision but doesn’t think his management style would suit the tribe and would prefer to be the silent leader.

They get tree mail and then decide to prep for the challenge by painting their faces with charcoal. It’s an attempt at unity.

The challenge is to roll a giant boulder through gates and get a couple of sets of keys. There is a fishing kit up for grabs along with the chance at sending someone from the other tribe to exile island.

Kota get their first set of keys first bit Fang are close behind them. By the second set of keys, it’s neck and neck.

At the final gate, Kota just sneaks through ahead of Fang. They send Dan to Exile Island.

Kota have a fishing spree and after their 3 wins and the rewards they’ve had leaves them thinking they cant lose.

At Exile Island, Dan has a choice between clue or comfort. He chooses the clue but he can’t figure it out and doesn’t find the crater where the idol is buried just over the hill from where he is searching.

Fang are wondering if they will ever win. They’re starting to talk about the dynamics of the tribe and who is going to be eliminated. Gillian thinks Ken should be the next to go.

Randy impresses GC after making a fish hook from his glasses. It becomes a group effort after they use some shoe laces and find some worms. Their work pays off and despite not winning the fishing gear, they’re having fish for dinner anyway.

Dan arrives back from Exile Island with a warning that they really need to think about who they send there from the other tribe.

GC wonders if he has the idol and thinks he’s acting too weird. Crystal is sure he has it as he’s too smart.

At Tribal Council, Gillian is given her marching orders and Fang realise that they really need to work together if they are to have any success in winning this game.

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