25 Creepiest Couples of All Time

Sunday, October 26
8 p.m. ET

Star! presents a one hour countdown special just in time for Halloween. 25 Creepiest Couples of All Time counts down Hollywood’s most disturbing and strange couples including Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton, Clay Aiken and Jaymes Foster, Lance Armstrong and Kate Olsen, Liza Minnelli and David Gest, and Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley. Entertainment experts and comedians comment on how these couples came to be and define their creepiness.

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  • Jamie

    can anyone post the entire list? Just wondering because I would have bet money on Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett being in the top 5 and I can’t remember if they were even mentioned! haha

  • Alpha_Q

    No, they didn’t make the list. Nor did Woody Allen and his adopted daughter. The list comes across as being compiled by a 23 year old girl who’s memory only goes back as far as 1998. If this show comes on tv, change the channel.

  • Jane Doe

    Just a reminder of how ignorant, unkind and blissfully arrogant Americans really are; to talk about the divorce between Paul McCartney and Heather Mills by reporting that “she didn’t have a leg to stand on”. Stupid, cruel and unnecessary. And you wonder why the world hates Americans.

  • Jordan W

    Who was the one guy named rob..he was an artist..they showed his song in there too…a little bit creepy and sketchy looking..but i liked the song..anyone know?