August 2008

Friday, August 15
9 p.m.

In the midst of the floor hockey tourney, Evan questions Casey’s loyalty considering her brother and ex-boyfriend are both Kappas. Casey quells that suspicion by successfully caring out a plan to make the Kappas too hungover for their game against the Omega Chis. Rusty, desperate to play for the team but without a single athletic bone in his body, gets the help of Dale who suggests they take a scientific approach to the game. This comes in handy when, with all the brothers drunk, Cappie has no choice but to allow Rusty to play.

Thursday, August 14
10 p.m.

Tasha Redford (Sarah Gadon) – an awkward 16-year old with a chronically alcoholic mother – has always been a perfect target for bullies. When a dangerous gang inflicts a vicious and humiliating “uglying-up” on Tasha at her after-school job at a mall, she finally explodes. Grabbing one of the girls’ guns, she blindly pulls the trigger in self-defense – hitting one of the gang members. SRU arrives, but Tasha and her tormentors have scattered. In a sweep of the mall, Jules tracks Tasha to an outdoor advertising tower. She’s perched precariously on a rail eight storeys above the street. Can Jules get Tasha to trust her before she lets go? Will Jules’ strength be enough to keep this tormented girl alive?

Sunday, August 10

Samantha (Christina Applegate) awakens in the hospital and is surrounded by family and friends. The only problem is that she has no idea who they are – or who she is. Sam has retrograde amnesia, which allows her to fully function in the world but leaves her with no personal memories. Most people would deem this disorder a curse, but Sam may come to call it a miracle when she discovers what a horrible person she was before the accident.

Sunday, August 10
7 p.m.

When Rock n Roll Honeymoon premieres, Karma is mortified when she is reduced to the role of villain in her on-screen life and Speed becomes the fan favourite.

Friday, August 8
9 p.m.

Omega Chi and Kappa Tau both organize respective date nights. When Cappie sees Rusty stressed about getting a date for the social, he realizes it’s because Rusty is a virgin and sets him up with the campus door knob, Lisa Lawson. Despite her plan to turn things around with Evan during date night, Casey is unable to sit still when she hears this news and goes to the Kappa Tau house to save Rusty from making a big mistake…as we find out Cappie was Casey’s first.

Thursday, August 7

When the infamous Monday Morning Robber’s takedown of a major bank goes south, the SRU must use every tactical trick in the book to save the robber’s hostages, before he makes good on his threat to kill them all. But Parker’s brilliant negotiating and police work reveals a real shocker: the robber is a copycat. In fact, it’s George Orston (Nicholas Campbell), former head of security at the bank. By the time Parker makes this connection, George is holed up with one last hostage: the woman who fired him in the first place. Now it’s a race against the clock as Parker discovers George is stealing money to keep his sick wife in a care home.

Thursday, August 7
8 p.m.

In the two-hour finale, one dancer is chosen as the winner.

Wednesday, August 6
8 p.m.

The final four dancers perform with the hope of becoming America’s favourite dancer.

Tuesday, August 5
8 p.m.

It’s elimination night, and Tom Jones will perform on the Idol stage before one singer is sent home.

Monday, August 4

The Top 7 perform live on the Idol stage as Tom Jones coaches the competitors on U.K. Pop Hits.