Top 9 perform rock and roll hits of the dead

Canadian Idol Top 9
Another week, another theme. This week the top 9 can perform any rock and roll song as long as the original artist is dead.

Tonight there will be songs from the 1950’s all the way up to 2003.

Here’s tonight’s recap:

Theo Tams
Bob Marley - Legend (Remastered) [Bonus Tracks] - No Woman No Cry No Woman No Cry

I really like Theo’s performance style. He’s pretty smooth and well presented. He’s very consistent.

Mitch MacDonald
The Jeff Healey Band - Master Hits: The Jeff Healey Band - Angel Eyes Angel Eyes

I never thought Mitch should have been in the Top 10. Tonight he’s proved why. Shocking vocal!

Earl Stevenson
The Doors - The Very Best of the Doors (Bonus Track Version) - Light My Fire Light My Fire

What a great performance. That song and Earl fit hand in glove. Fantastic song choice and great charisma.

Sebastian Pigott
Elvis Presley - Hitstory - Love Me Love Me

I was surprised to see Sebastian in the bottom 3 last week but I wont be if he’s there again this week. There was nothing special about that performance and in fact, it was more of an Elvis impersonation than anything.

Katherine St-Laurent
Janis Joplin - Pearl (Legacy Edition) - Move Over Move Over

Possibly a good song choice but the vocals just aren’t that great. The performance was a little flat and not full of the energy it probably deserved.

Drew Wright
Blind Melon - The Best of Blind Melon - No Rain No Rain

I think Drew moved around too much for the song. It feels like he’s over doing it and trying to make up for Katherine’s lack of energy in her performance.

Mookie Morris
James Brown - James Brown: Make It Funky - The Big Payback 1971-1975 - I Feel Good I Feel Good

Mookie is owning the show tonight. Wandering out into the audience and really showing everyone how it’s supposed to be done.

Amberly Thiessen
Bob Marley - Legend (Remastered) [Bonus Tracks] - Redemption Song Redemption Song

This is pleasant. The most vulnerable performance of the night. The highlight of the night for me.

Mark Day
Luther Vandross - Dance With My Father - Dance With My Father Dance With My Father

A much better performance than last week and a song much better suited to him. I doubt he’ll be going this week.

Bottom three for tomorrow night? My picks are Mitch MacDonald, Sebastian Pigott and Katherine St-Laurent.

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