Top 20 Results - S06E11

The Judges are picking four of the Top 20 to perform again tonight. Farley picks Theo Tams to come back and perform again.

Zack calls Amberly Thiessen out to perform again.

Jake selects Oliver Pigott to perform again. Sass wants to hear Omar Lunan again.

The bottom three contestants from each group are called out.

Lisa Bell, Marie-Pierre Bellerose and Paul Clifford are the bottom three from Monday and Jesse Cottam, Adam Castelli and Jessica Sheppard from Tuesday.

From Monday night, Paul Clifford is going home. From Tuesday night, is Jesse Cottam.

I’m pretty surprised that Jesse is going home. I suspected that he would have had some of the teenage girl vote keeping him around.

Lisa Bell is the second from Monday night to leave. Jessica Sheppard is the final contestant to leave.

Next week, the Top 10 will be decided.

See you Monday!

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