Top 20 Group 1 - S06E09

Canadian Idol Top 20 2008 Group 1
When you have three nights of Idol the next week sure does come around fast.

After saying farewell to 4 contestants last week the pressure is one the final 20 to pull out all the stops.

Tonight, 10 sing. Tomorrow, the other 10. On Wednesday, 4 more go home.

Here’s the recap.

Mark Day
Gavin DeGraw - Gavin DeGraw - In Love With a Girl In Love With a Girl

Mark is a very likable guy. He’s bound to be around for a while but he’s going to have to start matching his vocals with his performance.

Paul Clifford
Matthew Good Band - Underdogs - Apparitions Apparitions

It pains me to give anyone who plays a Takamine grief but some of those vocals were sounding a little strained. It was a little dull for me.

Drew Wright
Neverending White Lights - Act 1: Goodbye Friends of the Heavenly Bodies - The Grace The Grace

What’s with all the boring songs tonight with wavering vocals? Somebody please wake me up!

Marie-Pierre Bellerose
Amanda Marshall - Amanda Marshall - Beautiful Goodbye Beautiful Goodbye

Seriously. What is with all the pitchy vocals tonight? There are some nice vocal moments that luckily make up for the pitchiness.

Mookie Morris
The Kooks - Inside In / Inside Out - Naive Naive

Mookie is such a good little rocker and performer. Finally a performance worthy of some real praise.

Sebastian Pigott
The Lovin' Spoonful - Daydream - Daydream Daydream

These Pigott Brothers are such accomplished musicians. The phrasing is awesome and he looks like such a pro.

Martin Kerr
Peter Gabriel - So - In Your Eyes In Your Eyes

This is a great song for Martin and suits his so well. Brings back some big memories of the eighties.

Lisa Bell
Otis Redding - The Dock of the Bay - (Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay Sittin’ on The Dock of the Bay

Lisa adds a nice change to what has been a typically rock driven show. Definitely nice to have some Soul in the mix.

Gary Morissette
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Certified Hits: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Mr. Bojangles Mr Bojangles

I’m struggling to really like this at all. The vocals are pretty poor and I think we have our first contender for elimination on Wednesday.

Amberly Thiessen
Bread - Best of Bread - Everything I Own Everything I Own

What a great song choice. Amberly has supplied Canada with a graceful, intimate and vulnerable performance.

Gary and Drew are my two picks to be leaving from tonight’s group. What about you?

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  • Janina Storm

    You are wrong in your picks. Drew is going all the way. His vocal range and skill at arranging will keep him in.
    Do you even know the song “The Grace”? Probably, in retrospect he should’ve picked a song anyone would know.