Canadian Idol Top 10 announced

After 3 weeks of performances and slowly eliminating contestants, tonight the final 10 was announced for Canadian Idol.

The Top 10 are: Mark Day, Drew Wright, Mookie Morris, Earl Stevenson, Katherine St-Laurent, Theo Tams, Amberly Thiessen, Mitch MacDonald, Adam Castelli and Sebastian Pigott.

Here’s how it happened.

Martin Kerr and Gary Morissette are first to be eliminated while Mark Day and Drew Wright get to move to the Top 10 stools.

Mookie Morris and Theo Tams from group one and Earl Stevenson and Kathryn St-Laurent from group two are called the center of the stage. They’re all part of the Top 10.

Amberly Thiessen and Omar Lunan join Katelyn Dawn and Mitch MacDonald on stage. Omar is cut along with Katelyn.

Adam Castelli is through to the Top 10 while Marie-Pierre Bellerose is cut.

The Pigott brothers are the final two to be given their results. Sebastian is in while Oliver is out.

Canadian Idol Top 10

What do you think about the Top 10? I’m certainly surprised by a few of the choices.

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  • Ann Brown

    Yes there was a couple of surprises that’s for sure. Although I liked Sebastian Piggot and even voted for him, I also voted for Ollie twice as many times. Ollie is the better singer. Sebastian is cute and the actor.

    Also was a shame to see Omar leave. Really liked him. To see Adam Castelli and Mark Day (who I’m sure received a lot of the eastern vote) and not have Omar and Ollie was a real surprise.