Audition for Keys to the VIP!

The Comedy Network is now accepting online auditions for The Comedy Network’s testosterone-fueled production, Keys to the VIP.

Wanna-be “playas” can now upload two to five minutes of video showcasing their finest seduction skills in hopes of securing a chance to appear on Season 3 of Keys to the VIP, premiering this fall, exclusively on The Comedy Network.

Auditions close July 23.

Playas must be male and 19 years of age or older to audition.

Keys to the VIP is about the pursuit of women … and the men who think they have the game to get them.

Each episode of the half-hour series showcases the “skills” of two so-called studs in a nightclub battlefield as they compete against each other in three hilarious rounds of pick-up challenges.

The winners are chosen by the Keys’ expert panel, comprised of pick-up specialists Alen, Peachez, Sheldon, and Chris.

Dudes from all walks of life have a shot at instant fame, and a chance to win over the panel, the audience, and ultimately, the girl, by simply logging on to

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  • Anonymous

    keys to the VIP is bs.

    rob vs justin

    I went to school with rob cavaliere and adriana doria. you may remember her as the last girl he was “picking up”. this was when the “angry girlfriend” came by, they made out and “left the club together”. They were good friends at father bressani chs in woodbridge.