“The Element of Surprise”

Friday, July 25

Jackson Brannigan’s (Erik Knudsen, Jericho, Saw II) been clean and sober for 18 months, but his sister’s still hurting from the days he was using – and stealing from her. Desperate to repay her and win back her trust, he revisits his past to collect from a dealer who owes him money… on the same day Parker and Team One stage a raid on the dealer’s headquarters. Jackson’s horrified when an undercover cop is caught in the crossfire. Trapped between the psychotic dealer and the SRU, Jackson secretly uses the dying cop’s cell phone to help Ed come up with a new entry plan. Meanwhile, Sam (David Paetkau, Whistler), desperately urges the team to take immediate action – they’re nearly out of time for “safe” entry, but Ed resists, having just learned the real reason Sam was discharged from the military: he shot a buddy in friendly fire, and had to watch him die… Can Ed ever trust Sam – knowing the secret he may be trying to atone for?

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