Friday, July 11

Ed Lane’s (Hugh Dillon, Durham County) the best sniper and the toughest cop on SRU Team One. So when an enraged gunman takes a hostage in a public square at rush hour, it’s Ed who ends up in position to take the lethal shot from a nearby rooftop. Parker (Enrico Colantoni, Veronica Mars) struggles to pacify the volatile gunman, but the situation escalates when it looks like he’s about to kill again. Also premiering on CBS (same date and time), Flashpoint is the first series since Due South to air in “reverse” simulcast in the United States.

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  • mary townsend

    I just love Flashpoint it is one of the best cop shows I have ever seen. And Hugh Dillion is one great actor a very cute. I keep hearing of his bad boy days but that is behind him now SO LEAVE IT ALONE Thank. Keep up the good work Hugh