Saturday, June 28

The premiere episode finds Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller), a successful and cutthroat lawyer, struggling to cope with the strange visions he keeps seeing. While his acupuncturist, Dr. Chen (James Saito, I Think I Love My Wife), believes Eli’s visions are prophetic, Eli is skeptical until he recalls the words of his late father (Tom Cavanagh): “You’re meant to do great things… speak inspired words… you’re going to help people.” Eli redefines his outlook on life and his role as a lawyer, beginning with a case in which he represents an old acquaintance against one of his firm’s most important clients. Despite opposition from his imposing boss and future father-in-law (Victor Garber, Alias) and his fiancée (Natasha Henstridge, Would Be Kings), Eli chooses to stay the course.

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