June 2008

What started with a simple contest entry email, led to the first ever, live-wedding in “BreakfastTelevision” history for viewers Mandy and Harry. Tune in to the early morning nuptials Friday, June 20th starting at 6:00am on Citytv.

Mandy, had no idea that her innocent attempt at winning a giveaway on “BT” would lead to one of the biggest days of her life! When she let it slip that she and her significant other Harry had been together for 8 years without him popping the question, “BT” Host Kevin Frankish offered to help make the wedding of Mandy’s dreams a reality by hosting the nuptials live from the “BT” set.

Citytv viewers across the GTA eager to see the couple married began generously offering their support and services. From the dress donated by Amanda Lina’s Sposa, to the suit from Moores, to the cake from The Cake Crusader and décor by S.A.S. Party Decorations Inc., Mandy and Harry’s wedding began to take shape.

Under the guidance of planners at Laura Kelly Wedding Design, other vendors chimed in with generous donations of wedding essentials including Baubles for the wedding jewelry, a photographer from Sagala Photo, invitations from Papaya Breadcrumb Invites, String Quartet from Intrada Sound, two love doves from Release a Dove World Wide, favours and guest book from The Creative Bride, and transportation by Condello Limo.

Throughout the three hour broadcast, viewers will get a sneak peak at the wedding preparations such as bride and groom makeovers courtesy of Salon Escape and primping for the big day from inside the Hollywood Parties Trailer with the help of make up artist Tanya Coons leading up to the ceremony where 50 of Mandy and Harry’s closest family and friends will join Kevin Frankish, Dina Pugliese, Jennifer Valentyne and Frank Ferragine in celebrating the couple’s union. The fun doesn’t stop here!

Following the ceremony, the entire gang will keep the party going at the Delta Chelsea for a wedding reception with all the trimmings!

So grab your morning coffee and tune in to “BT-BreakfastTelevision” for the wedding event of the year starting at 6am, Friday, June 20th on Citytv. Plus, tune in to “BT” on Monday, June 23rd for behind the scenes footage from the reception at the Delta Chelsea.

Premieres Thurs., July 24 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT

Hosts Simon King, Jonathan Scott and Saba Douglas-Hamilton return to Kenya to track the lions, cheetahs and leopards of the Masai Mara. King finds out whether the vulnerable Marsh pride of lion cubs featured last season have survived; and Scott returns to old favourite Kike, the cheetah who is expecting a litter of cubs. Meanwhile, Douglas-Hamilton has high hopes for Bella, the leopardess who may be expecting cubs as well.

Premieres Thurs., July 17 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT

Wildlife presenter Saba Douglas-Hamilton has spent her life getting to know the world’s most incredible creatures: lions, leopards, polar bears, elephants and a host of other amazing wild characters. This special follows her to Kenya and paints an intimate profile of a woman who selflessly shares her life with wild animals.

Premieres Wed., July 14 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT

Psychic dogs, arty elephants, genius chimps and talkative dolphins steal the spotlight in Extraordinary Animals. This jaw-dropping series investigates animals with remarkable and unique abilities. From Hong, a female elephant in Northern Thailand with a special talent for painting; to Scamp, a dog with the uncanny ability to know when a patient is going to die, this fascinating program showcases animal talents that are out of this world!

Premieres Thurs., July 10 at 8 p.m. ET/9 p.m. PT

Steve Leonard is the ultimate animal action hero: a practicing vet, with a passion for competing against some of nature’s most incredible athletes. He’s raced with cheetahs, swum with sharks and thrown himself from a hot air balloon on the tail of a peregrine falcon! This special follows Leonard on some of his more memorable moments and tells the stories behind these amazing encounters.

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