June 2008

Friday, July 11

Ed Lane’s (Hugh Dillon, Durham County) the best sniper and the toughest cop on SRU Team One. So when an enraged gunman takes a hostage in a public square at rush hour, it’s Ed who ends up in position to take the lethal shot from a nearby rooftop. Parker (Enrico Colantoni, Veronica Mars) struggles to pacify the volatile gunman, but the situation escalates when it looks like he’s about to kill again. Also premiering on CBS (same date and time), Flashpoint is the first series since Due South to air in “reverse” simulcast in the United States.

Friday, July 11
9 p.m.

Rusty, Calvin, and Rebecca Logan go through initiation at their respective houses, Kappa Tau, Omega Chi and Zeta Beta. Rusty struggles to juggle class and initiation as his commitment to Dale and the Physics class assignment come in direct conflict with the beer pong competition against the Omega Chis. Meanwhile Casey, in her attempt to punish Rebecca Logan for sleeping with Evan, gives her the most challenging scavenger hunt assignment and is later exposed heightening the rivalry between the two.

Thursday, July 10
9 p.m

It’s elimination night, and two more dancers will be sent home.

Wednesday, July 9

The Top 12 compete with the hope of becoming America’s favourite dancer.

Wednesday, July 9
7:30 p.m

Find out tonight who will head into the Top 10, and who will go home.

Tuesday, July 8

The remaining competitors perform live on the Idol stage.

Tuesday, July 8
8 p.m.

The Moment of Truth puts participants to the test – the lie detector test – to reveal whether or not they are telling the truth, for a chance to win $500,000.

Sunday, July 13 , 10pm

Also airs at 11 p.m. AT on ASN

Victor confronts Gaby about her affair with Carlos, Bree informs Susan that she thinks Mike is addicted to drugs, and a new Hodge family member is introduced to the neighborhood.

Saturday, July 12

Eli is literally shaken by his latest vision: The “Big One” hitting San Francisco. Eli realizes that the epicentre of the quake is the same neighbourhood his current client is trying to evict, and discovers the only way to save lives is to kick people out of their homes.

Friday, July 11, 8pm

Also airs at 9 p.m. AT on ASN

This week, a cemetery attendant, a farmer and a chemistry professor compete for the title of “Dance Machine” and $100,000 in cash.