June 2008

How did the quiet streets of Montreal create a terrorist intent on bombing LAX airport? Inspired by real-life events, the timely CTV Original Movie The Terrorist Next Door premieres Sunday, June 15 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV.

Before 9/11, and days before Y2K, there was Ahmed Ressam – aka the “Millennium Bomber.” An Algerian immigrant who was recruited by an al-Qaeda terrorist sleeper cell operating in Canada, Ressam went on to be investigated by CSIS and the FBI and arrested for his part in a plot to kill innocent people at Los Angeles’ busiest airport. The Terrorist Next Door transports viewers back to a more innocent age, when few Canadians could ever imagine that terror sleeper cells were rooted on their own soil.

Directed by Jerry Ciccoritti (Lives of the Saints, Trudeau), written by Suzette Couture (The Man Who Lost Himself) and executive produced by Pierre Sarrazin (The Man Who Lost Himself, Doomstown) and Richard Lalonde (Ma Fille Mon Ange, Last Exit), The Terrorist Next Door was recently accepted into competition at the Roma Fiction Fest next month in Italy.

The Terrorist Next Door takes viewers into the very human story of a young Algerian immigrant named Ahmed Ressam (Chenier Hundal, Partition), from his arrival in Montreal to his recruitment by Majid (Reda Guerinik, Incendies), the leader of an al-Qaeda sleeper cell. Majid’s wife, Nicole (Kathleen Robertson, Hollywoodland, Last Exit), who converted to Islam for the husband she loves, is blind to the fact that his travels as head of an international charity are for less-than-philanthropic ends.

Nicole’s world implodes when an old flame – Pelletier (Chris William Martin, Chaos Theory), now a Canadian Security Intelligence Service officer teamed up with an FBI agent Wade (Michael Ironside, The Machinist) – makes a desperate attempt to convince her that her husband married her as a cover, and is deeply involved in a terrorist plot. But the baton has already been passed, and the chase is on to stop Ressam before he can accomplish his devastating mission in Los Angeles.

In the events following the conclusion of the film, Ressam was arrested in 1999, and eventually convicted of smuggling a bomb into the United States from Canada as part of an al-Qaeda plot to blow up Los Angeles International Airport on New Year’s Eve.

“The Terrorist Next Door is a dramatic thriller but also an insightful look at terrorism in our own backyard,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. “This is a story that made headlines around the world and continues to have reverberations to this day.”

“The Terrorist Next Door tells the troubling and complex story of a young man who came to Canada looking for freedom and ended up choosing terrorism,” said Executive Producer Pierre Sarrazin (The Man Who Lost Himself).

The Terrorist Next Door also stars Jean-Francois Blanchard (Catch Me if You Can) as CSIS Officer Elmore and Paul Doucet (October 1970, Maurice Richard) as Burgess.

CityLine has been renewed for Fall ’08, the 24th year of this award winning show. “CityLine” is the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in Canadian history and is watched by 1.7 million people weekly across Canada*.

The 08/09 season will continue to include live studio audiences and in the new season, “CityLine” will go on the road to host live audiences in other great Canadian cities. “CityLine” will move into its brand new studio in the heart of downtown Toronto at Yonge & Dundas in 2009 and all productions will continue in high definition. Citytv has been casting for the permanent host role and meeting with a number of well known Canadian entertainers from across North America – response to this casting call has been overwhelmingly positive. Robert Lawlor, Executive Producer for non-news productions, will work with “CityLine’s” veteran Supervising Producer Chrissie Rejman to select the new host and to enhance the viewer-experience.

“This is an exciting time for “CityLine” viewers and staff. The flexibility of the new host will allow the show to extend its relationship with viewers and attract larger audiences.

“CityLine” will continue to produce new shows this summer. “The summer will be a lot of fun as we will combine familiar guest experts our viewers know and trust with new, energetic guest hosts to inform, engage and entertain audiences”, added Rejman.

A variety of talented guest hosts will appear on “CityLine” throughout the summer months. Our guest hosts are all well known and charismatic media personalities in television and radio.

Confirmed guest hosts include: “BT-BreakfastTelevision” Toronto’s Dina Pugliese, “CityNews” Toronto personality Kathryn Humphreys, actress Jessica Holmes (“Air Farce Live”), sports anchor Jody Vance (“Rogers Sportsnet”, “Leaf’s TV”) and radio personality Christine Cardoso (97.3 EZ Rock).

“The Bachelorette” moves to joins the Monday night programming line up on Citytv effective Monday, June 2, 2008.

“The Bachelorette” – Broadcast Schedule is as Follows:

Citytv Toronto 8:00pm ET (Simulcast with ABC)
Citytv Winnipeg 7:00pm CT (Simulcast with ABC)
Citytv Calgary 9:00pm MT (Simulcast with ABC)
Citytv Edmonton 9:00pm MT (Simulcast with ABC)
Citytv Vancouver 8:00pm PT (Simulcast with ABC)

Millions of viewers watched DeAnna Pappas, 26, suffer through a painful, last-minute rejection at the end of the eleventh season of “The Bachelor,” earning her the sympathy of women everywhere. Now, DeAnna will have the last laugh as the tables are turned and she gets to choose from among 25 handsome and intelligent bachelors in her own bid for true love. She will travel to exotic locations, spend time getting to know these men, introduce them to her family and friends and meet some of theirs. At the end of her romantic journey, if she has found Mr. Right, will she propose to him, and will he say yes?

Please note: “American Gladiators”, now in one hour episodes, moves timeslots in order to accommodate “The Bachelorette” simulcast. There will be no episode of “American Gladiators” on Monday, June 2nd and the following broadcast schedule takes effect Monday, June 9th:

“American Gladiators” – Broadcast Schedule is as Follows:

Citytv Toronto 7:00 pm ET
Citytv Winnipeg 10:00pm CT
Citytv Calgary 7:00pm MT
Citytv Edmonton 7:00pm MT
Citytv Vancouver 7:00pm PT

Please note the following changes as of Monday, July 14th:

“American Gladiators” – Broadcast Schedule is as Follows:

Citytv Toronto 8:00pm ET
Citytv Winnipeg 7:00pm CT
Citytv Calgary 9:00pm MT
Citytv Edmonton 9:00pm MT
Citytv Vancouver 8:00pm PT

Spend your Monday nights with Citytv, for your weekly doses of romance on “The Bachelorette” and the hard-hitting action of “American Gladiators”.

MTV in Canada is providing viewers with an interactive, multi-platform viewing experience for the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, airing live this weekend on Sunday, June 1 at 8 p.m. ET. Canadian fans will get the most entertaining and exclusive look at the gold carpet as MTV in Canada hosts Jessi Cruickshank and Dan Levy bring viewers closer to all of the action on MTV Live From the Red Carpet with Jessi and Dan. Beginning at 6:30 p.m. ET, this uninterrupted, live feed gives fans a rare real-time glimpse into the world of red carpet celebrity hype. Join the duo online at mtv.ca for 100 per cent uncut and unedited coverage as they chat with some of the hottest stars in Hollywood.

Also, MTV in Canada once again allow fans to chat with other Canadian viewers of the 2008 MTV Movie Awards starting at 8 p.m. ET on mtv.ca. Hosts Dan and Jessi chat with fans throughout the show as they take in the action live in Universal City, CA. The conversation appears as an on-screen interactive chat throughout the awards show on MTV in Canada’s television broadcast.

Fans can also tune into the 30-minute, on-air pre-show on MTV in Canada starting at

7:30 p.m. ET to get an exclusive look at this summer’s hottest upcoming flicks. Featured are the very first look at the hotly-anticipated Twilight and an exclusive clip from Will Smith’s Hancock. Hosted by MTV US hosts Tim Kash and Kim Stolz, the pre-show talks about all things fashion and unveils the MTV audience’s top five red carpet style hits and misses as selected on mtvnews.com. An on-screen picture-in-picture box will ensure fans don’t miss a second of MTV in Canada hosts Jessi and Dan on the gold carpet.

Starting Monday, June 2, viewers can head to mtv.ca for all of the best moments from the 2008 MTV Movie Awards, including the best and worst from the gold carpet. As well, viewers can re-watch the awards show in its entirety, free and on-demand. Once again, fans can relive this year’s awards on their own terms, whenever they want, over and over again.

It was also announced today that Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Rainn Wilson and Anna Faris will join the superstar list of presenters handing out the coveted golden popcorn awards at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards.

As previously announced, Adam Sandler will receive the MTV Movie Awards’ highest and most coveted honour, the “MTV Generation Award,” for his amazing contribution to Hollywood and for entertaining the MTV audience for years. From generation to generation, Adam Sandler has kept fans crying with laughter since bursting onto the scene in MTV’s Remote Control then onto SNL and his early cult classic films such as Billy Madison, The Wedding Singer, and Big Daddy. This summer’s eagerly anticipated You Don’t Mess with the Zohan is in theatres June 6. Past recipients include Tom Cruise and Canadians Mike Myers and Jim Carrey.

For a complete list of 2008 MTV Movie Awards nominees, performers and presenters visit mtvmedia.ca or mtv.ca/movieawards.