Global National named Canada's Best Newscast

Canwest Broadcasting is pleased to announce that Global National has won the prestigious Best Newscast and Best Spot News Awards, in the network television category at the 2007 Radio-Television News Directors Association of Canada Awards (RTNDA). Global BC, Global News Calgary, Global News Edmonton, Global News Maritimes and CHBC News Kelowna were also honoured with several accolades in the national television category, at the awards gala held in Ottawa last night.

The network and national awards received by Global National, Global News and CHBC News were as follows:

Global National (network level)

Best Newscast (Bert Cannings Award): “November 6 Newscast” – Global National’s comprehensive coverage of the murder of a Canadian RCMP officer in Canada’s remote and far north. With a tight turnaround and the country’s earliest news deadline, Global National delivered a well-rounded lead-in story, providing poignant insight from the fallen officer’s family in Ontario.

Best Spot News (Charlie Edwards Award): “Conrad Black Verdict” – Global National’s extensive live, breaking news coverage of Conrad Black’s verdict, delivering in-depth analysis and world-wide reaction. With a hard-working on-location team, Global National provided Canadians with more context of the complicated case with a historical look at the lengthy trial and Black’s more infamous comments made in the media.

Global BC (large market – national level)

Best Editorial/Commentary (Sam Ross Award): “Mike McCardell’s Downtown Eastside Series” – A frank and honest series of commentaries from Global BC’s Mike McCardell on Vancouver’s once thriving Downtown Eastside. Along with cameraman Mike Timbrell, McCardell spent a week in Canada’s toughest neighbourhood speaking directly to junkies, dealers and the homeless, many of whom want to leave but cannot find the will power. His editorial is a powerful catalyst for change that is nothing like the Shangri-La that appears in many tourist brochures.

Global News Edmonton (large market – national level)

Best Long Feature (Dave Rogers Award): “Black Friday – 20 Years Later” – An exclusive half-hour special dedicated to the victims and families hit by the 1987 Edmonton tornado, one of the worst tornadoes in Canadian history. On the 20th anniversary of the deadly twister, the Global News team took a historical look through the eyes of several people directly impacted by the event, and investigated what has changed since the tragic event when it comes to predicting tornadoes and preparing for such emergencies.

Global News Maritimes (medium market – national level)

Best Spot News (Charlie Edwards Award): “Armed Robbery” – Global News Maritimes’ breaking news coverage of a gas station robbery in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, and the dramatic arrest of two suspects when they got into a taxi cab. Reporter Russ White’s compelling story-telling included interviews with the gas station manager and cab driver, with excellent footage of police officers and their K9 unit apprehending the suspects.

Best Continuing Coverage (Ron Laidlaw Award): “Bill and Mary Boates” – Reporter Jacqueline Foster’s heart-warming series on the plight of Bill and Mary Boates, an elderly couple from Nova Scotia who were forced to live apart when Bill was ordered out of the nursing home where they both lived. Foster followed the story for months, took their story to the government and helped to influence change that finally resulted in the couple’s reunion.

Global News Calgary

Adrienne Clarkson Diversity Award: “Minority Report – Alberta’s Culture Collision” – For the second year in a row, Global News Calgary has won the Adrienne Clarkson Diversity Award which recognizes stories, features or series that best exemplify or explore an issue of diversity in a Canadian news program. This year, the Global News Calgary team won for their news special about the cultural diversity in the community of Brooks.

CHBC News Kelowna (medium market – national level)

Best Short Feature (Dave Rogers Award): “Hockey Fan” – CHBC News’ touching story about a severely disabled but dedicated hockey fan from Kelowna, Jamey Brew. Jamey, who has cerebral palsy, is the Alaska Grizzlies’ number one fan, a hockey team that travels all the way to the Vernon winter carnival peewee hockey tournament. Win or lose, Jamey gives the team pep talks every year. There is laughter, and tears of joy, and the players walk away knowing that victory is not always what ends up on the scoreboard.

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