CityLine 2008 - Season 24!

CityLine has been renewed for Fall ’08, the 24th year of this award winning show. “CityLine” is the longest running and most successful daytime show for women in Canadian history and is watched by 1.7 million people weekly across Canada*.

The 08/09 season will continue to include live studio audiences and in the new season, “CityLine” will go on the road to host live audiences in other great Canadian cities. “CityLine” will move into its brand new studio in the heart of downtown Toronto at Yonge & Dundas in 2009 and all productions will continue in high definition. Citytv has been casting for the permanent host role and meeting with a number of well known Canadian entertainers from across North America – response to this casting call has been overwhelmingly positive. Robert Lawlor, Executive Producer for non-news productions, will work with “CityLine’s” veteran Supervising Producer Chrissie Rejman to select the new host and to enhance the viewer-experience.

“This is an exciting time for “CityLine” viewers and staff. The flexibility of the new host will allow the show to extend its relationship with viewers and attract larger audiences.

“CityLine” will continue to produce new shows this summer. “The summer will be a lot of fun as we will combine familiar guest experts our viewers know and trust with new, energetic guest hosts to inform, engage and entertain audiences”, added Rejman.

A variety of talented guest hosts will appear on “CityLine” throughout the summer months. Our guest hosts are all well known and charismatic media personalities in television and radio.

Confirmed guest hosts include: “BT-BreakfastTelevision” Toronto’s Dina Pugliese, “CityNews” Toronto personality Kathryn Humphreys, actress Jessica Holmes (“Air Farce Live”), sports anchor Jody Vance (“Rogers Sportsnet”, “Leaf’s TV”) and radio personality Christine Cardoso (97.3 EZ Rock).

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  • Susan Newman Blake

    To: Chrissie Rejman:
    From: Susan Newman Blake

    Thanks for the demise of CityLine. I’m at University again; your decision gave me the push I needed to treat myself. I have nothing of fun to watch in the mornings so I do homework and go to art classes. Only a Canadian management with a money hungry gambling instinct for big bucks could destroy a successful all Canadian morning show and also the career of a talented moderator. I wish you luck in keeping your existing viewers. You will need to buildup the ’20 somethings’ and satisfy the existing women because Marlyn had that special way to relate to all ages without threat and I am certain not one can do this again in so delightful a way.

  • Heather

    These new shows with the different hosts are a pleasant way to enjoy the show. I must admit that although I liked old show and Host a change is sometimes a pleasant surprise.

    So far it is hard to pick one of the hosts that is the best. Each one brings a nice change, perhaps a mix is a nice way to keep it.
    This keeps us watching! We can’t say we won’t watch the show at all because a certain host appears.

  • annette mac donald

    Could you please tell me when is your show coming back on the air in the maritimes?My mother is 88 years old and watched the show every day.We live in cape breton NS.and we both love all the useful information you give out.

  • Sharon Badowski

    I have always enjoyed CityLine BUT not since Marilyn left the show. She made it a great show for home and studio audiences. The show no longer holds my interest.