May 2008

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Bravo!’s weekly arts magazine featuring interesting cultural figures from home and abroad.

May 31 / June 1 & 4 – This episode features Janice Price, the founder and CEO of Luminato; famed French photographer Pierre Maraval and his project Mille Femmes; curator Chrissy Glenn’s Joni Mitchell exhibit, Green Flag Song; The Fiddle and The Drum, choreographer Jean Grand-Maître’s ballet and collaboration with Joni Mitchell; and Veronica Tennant’s new documentary Direct from Havana – VIDA!; Soulpepper’s Luminato production Blink; JUNO award-winning musician Alex Cuba; Walrus magazine’s Luminato event The Dark City, a series of theatrical readings by Canadian novelists. The noir excerpts portray Canadian cities as sexier, grittier, and darker than ever imagined.

June 21 / 22 / 25 – This episode features the Griffin Poetry Prize; singer Hayden; choreographer James Kadulka and his work with costume designer Jim Searle at the San Francisco Ballet; and Seamus O’Regan’s interview with author Salman Rushdie.

Saturday, June 14 at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT

The true story of soprano Maria Callas is unveiled in this 90-minute profile. Painstakingly researched, Callas Assoluta features exclusive archival footage and photos of the opera star known as “La Divina.”

Tuesday, June 24 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT

Singer-songwriter Justin Hines’ road to musical success is profiled in this intimate and inspiring one-hour portrait. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Hines overcomes many obstacles to pursue his passion. Like Each Day Was Your Last follows Hines from the moment he is discovered by a Toronto record label to the end of his first international tour.

Monday, June 16 at 9 p.m. ET / 6 p.m. PT

Director Daniel Conrad presents this visually stunning dance program about people attempting to make sense of their dehumanized lives. Choreographed by Aszure Barton, Aboard the Pater Noster features the dance talents of Barton, Tara Dyberg, Ian Robinson, Banning Roberts, William Briscoe, Petr Opavsky, and Helena Arenbergerova.

Sunday, June 1 at 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT

A one-hour profile of enigmatic Canadian filmmaker Frank Cole. Cole was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the first North American to cross the Sahara alone on camel. During his return trip to the desert in 2000, Cole was murdered by bandits. Set against the mesmerizing backdrop of the vast desert, The Man Who Crossed the Sahara features footage from Cole’s films, interviews with his family and friends, and a return trip to the Sahara to investigate his unsolved murder.

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James gets his wound on his finger looked at and they tell him that if his finger doesn’t look good in the morning then it will need to go to surgery. That’s something he doesn’t really want in the game of Survivor.

Back at camp, everyone is a little worried about his finger and they’re all hoping he will be fine in the morning.

When the sun comes up, Alexis is also nursing wounds. She fell on the way back to camp last night. Cirie, being a nurse, is still playing the game and doesn’t offer any help.

At the reward challenge, there are wooden dolls in the image of each contestant. The idea is for them to each answer questions individually before Jeff Probst will ask questions where the contestants will need to try and guess what the majority of the group answered. People who answer correctly will get get the chance to chop a rope. Once three ropes are cut, that contestant will be out of the game.

Parvati is out first and as she walks past Cirie who cut her says “You’re in Trouble”. She then takes out Erik. Cirie and Natalie are taken out. Cirie then takes out Amanda giving Alexis the reward. Alexis gets to take two others. She takes Cirie who gave her the win and Natalie. Amanda gets sent to Exile Island.

Dr Carolyn Sein looks at James’ finger. Carolyn says it’s too big a risk as he has a little bit of pain so he’s getting pulled from the game. Parvati is upset that he is being leaving like that and he’s annoyed that he’s going out like this instead of being voted out.

At the reward, they get to swim with stingless jellyfish. Cirie had her eyes open to realise that not everything is a threat.

On Exile Island, Amanda goes hunting for the Idol. After a lot of searching and digging she learns that the idol is buried under the flag back at camp.

When everyone arrives back at camp, they are upset to learn of James fate but things quickly turn to ensuring that Erik doesn’t win Individual Immunity.

Parvati talks to Alexis about whether she wants them to vote her out since she’s in a bit of pain after injuring her leg. Alexis is a little worried as she doesn’t want to go yet.

Natalie says that if she was up against Amanda in the final then she wouldn’t win.

Amanda is sad to learn about James when she returns to camp. Jeff says it’s the first time in Survivor history that 3 people have left the game from injury.

At the immunity challenge, it’s all about shooting at colored bottles. Natalie, Parvati and Erik hit their first bottles. Erik is the only one to hit their second bottle. Natalie and Amanda hit bottles but Erik hits his bottle and takes the immunity. That’s a real problem for the girls as one of them will be leaving tonight.

Amanda tells them that she didn’t find the idol. She says she couldn’t find the third clue because the current was too strong. She tells Parvati that she knows it’s hidden at camp. Parvati wants Alexis gone. Amanda thinks it should be Natalie.

Alexis and Erik talk about voting out Amanda as she would be a big threat later on. Erik says that he is going to vote for her.

They kill a chicken and pluck it. Erik tells Cirie that they’re going to vote for Amanda. The main reason is because they don’t think they could beat her with jury votes.

Cirie and Amanda talk and Cirie says that she has to vote against her because if she doesn’t, it will be a tie and they’ll all have to pick rocks and it could be her going home. She says that if it had been different then she would have stuck with her and Parvati but she has to play the game for her.

At Tribal Council, James comes in to join the jury with a line in his arm and carrying a bag. He tells everyone he had an infection and he could have gone home.

At the vote, after Amanda told everyone that she didn’t have the idol, the votes fall her way but the idol that she dug up back at camp while Parvati distracted the rest of them over dinner saves her. Alexis and Natalie look incredibly worried. Alexis gets a massive blindside which rocks the game as she gets eliminated from the game.

Go Amanda! That was one of the best episodes of Survivor yet. Jeff makes a good point that this season, the players are really perfecting the art of the blindside.

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ET Canada salutes Mother’s Day all week long with five touching pieces on Canadian stars and their moms.

*PLUS* The Countdown to Sex and the City: The Movie:

Monday, May 5 & Tuesday, May 6– Emmy and Golden Globe-winning beauty Sarah Jessica Parker discusses the return of everyone’s favourite girlfriends – now on the big screen.

Wednesday, May 7 & Thursday, May 8– Canada’s own Kim Cattrall sits with ET Canada to chat about the upcoming flick.

Friday, May 9– Sex and the City newcomer Jennifer Hudson (Academy Award winner for Dream Girls) talks about what it’s like joining the cast.

Friday, May 9 at 10pm ET/PT

When a musician is murdered, Don and his team must race to find the culprits. They need Charlie’s help, but he is busy with Amita’s parents coming for a visit.

Thursday, May 8 at 10:30pm ET/PT

A newly-appointed WURG station manager makes some big changes, Chuck and Kelly try to intervene. Meanwhile, Ryan has to carry out a career-first responsibility, Gary is afraid of asking his new boss for time off, and Marsh accidentally takes his wife’s estrogen pill.