On the last leg of Coltrane’s journey, the actor stops at Dent Valley for some Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. It’s a farmers’ sport where male participants wear peculiar embroidered pants – a custom introduced by the Victorians. Coltrane spends time with a farmer’s daughter who dreams of triumphing in the traditionally male arena.

Then, Coltrane drives to Lake Windermere, where he meets the daughter of one of his heroes, Sir Donald Campbell. Find out how Campbell died in a power boat accident and watch as Coltrane tries out a speed boat for himself. The journey continues to Northumbria, which has more castles than any other county in the U.K.

At Chillingham Castle – allegedly the most haunted in England – Coltrane employs some parapsychologists to check the place out. What will the group learn about the castle’s bloodthirsty history? After making his way over the border into Scotland, Coltrane heads to Dumfries and Galloway find out more about one of his family ancestors – blacksmith Kirkpatrick Macmillan.

This inspired relative invented the modern bicycle and Coltrane sets out to make a replica of the bike at the local museum.

For his final stop in Glasgow, he heads to a restaurant that’s involved in the city’s bid to retain the “Curry Capital of Great Britain” title. After quick stint at cooking his own curry, Coltrane enjoys a well deserved meal at his journey’s end.

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