After leaving London, Coltrane’s mission to uncover the real heart of Britain begins in High Wycombe where the town’s mayor is weighed on a large pair of scales in front of a braying crowd of locals.

This old tradition began as a way to find out if the Mayor had got fat off the locals’ taxes. Back on the road, Coltrane heads for Gloucestershire, home of the world’s only formation wing walking team.

He meets three brave girls who perform breathtaking stunts while strapped to the wings of bi-planes. Then, it’s off to the Cotswolds, an area renowned for the beauty of its limestone buildings.

Coltrane makes a detour to visit Woodchester Mansion, a gothic restoration project and returns to his art school roots by having a crack at some real stonemasonry.

On one of his last stops, Coltrane witnesses quite possibly one of the most terrifying sports in the country as two entire villages come together at a field to fight each other over a barrel of beer. It’s a no-holds-barred game of rugby with only one rule – there aren’t any.

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