S16E11 - A $260 peanut butter and jelly sandwich

Dabu is going to be a very different camp this morning. Erik is a little surprised, as is Amanda. Amanda is upset that she was cut out of the loop when it came to blindsiding Ozzy. She realises what has happened and calls game on.

James has a had a cut on his finger for a few days and it’s starting to look a little infected. He’s sure it’s going to be fine but Cirie thinks that’s crazy when they’re living in a damp cave with rats and bats.

Parvati is all about damage control today. She talks to James about the vote last night and James is angry at her insulting his intelligence. She then apoligises to Amanda. Amanda is sure Parvati is running the show at the moment.

At the reward challenge Jeff auctions off food items. Cirie takes hotdog and fries. Erik wins a huge plate of nachos. Natalie wins some bat soup but doesn’t want it. James says he’ll eat it and gets it for free. Amanda takes a very expensive peanut butter sandwich. Natalie then gets a bottle which has a note which says she can take someones money and send them to exile island. She takes Jason’s money and sends him to Exile island where the immunity idol has been rehidden.

Natalie then wins a giant chocolate cake and gets to share it with Parvati, Cirie and Alexis and they get to eat for 60 seconds. Erik then pays Cirie $40 to lick her fingers.

On Exile Island, Jason finds the real hidden immunity idol this time.

Back at Dabu’s camp, the girls decide they need to get into his head. They decide to make him feel comfortable and Natalie is going to betray him. They hope that Jason doesn’t win the individual immunity and that he is made to feel comfortable enough to not play his hidden immunity idol.

At the immunity challenge, Natalie pulls Jason aside to tell him of the plan to keep him safe.

James, Erik, Jason and Amanda move on to the next round and then James and Erik face off in the final challenge for immunity. James falls off and falls far behind but James catches up and puts the pressure on. It’s a fierce battle and Erik only just wins it.

It’s Erik’s birthday and he’s pretty happy he won and gets everyone’s congratulations. The girls are happy with their plan so far as it’s going 100% to plan with Erik winning the immunity idol. Parvati calls the women the black widow brigade.

Natalie goes through Jason’s things and finds the idol. She talks to Jason and he confides in her and promises that he has her back. Natalie is very happy to be coming into her own in the game and her “cold, hard bitch” is coming out and she has a smile on his face because of it.

James and Amanda talk and James wants to vote for Parvati and wants Amanda to join him. Natalie is proving to be a real player.

At tribal council, Jason doesn’t play the idol and is kicked out of the island. James, laughing hysterically, can’t believe that Jason didn’t play the idol but is no doubt happy to still be in the game.

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