S16E10 - I Promise

At Dabu, Jason explains his tactic with the immunity idol. Cirie tells everyone that her heart was pounding as everything was going down. She’s now wondering if things had played out how Eliza and Jason had hoped how much more interesting the game would have become.

Jason knows his only hope is to keep beating Ozzy.

At the reward challenge, they split into two teams and have to swim out through an obstacle course to view a board before heading back to arrange symbols on their answer board. Natalie and Jason pick teams. Jason takes Ozzy, Amanda and Erik. Natalie takes Parvati, James and Alexis. Cirie heads to exile island due to her being the last person not selected for a team.

Jason’s team takes the win and earns them a flight to another island for a feast and some culture and then a night staying in a hut.

Erik is amazed that all the women aren’t wearing shirts and says it’s the most boobs he’s ever seen. They love the culture dance. Ozzy says he loves going places with Erik because he hasn’t traveled much and is quite naive about things but he appreciates that.

Erik has been partying a little too hard and ends up throwing up viciously. He says it was all worth it afterwards though.

Cirie hasn’t been having a fun time on exile island. She has, however, been devising a plan on how to get rid of Ozzy and his immunity idol as he’s such a big threat.

Back at camp, everyone is trying to sleep but James is making a noise. Parvati tells him to quit it. James is annoyed and wonders how long it will take before he cracks.

The others arrive back at camp and Ozzy tells them about their reward. Parvati doesn’t look impressed. She talks to Alexis about how annoying Ozzy was with the whole reward thing.

At the immunity challenge, the survivors have to stand on a log with their hand above their heads while attached to a bucket of water. If they drop their hands then they’re out.

Jeff brings out a bowl of candy and Cirie and Erik both quit. When Jeff walks out with the next item, Alexis gets excited and before he can offer it, she drops her hand. She’s out and gets nothing. Natalie falls not long after. James then slips and is annoyed he’s put himself out. Ozzy then quits for three chocolate glazed donuts.

After 5 hours, Amanda has to go to the bathroom. Parvati and Jason are left and after 6 hours, Jeff comes out with a huge plate of food. Jeff tells them that if one of them quits then they can share that food with the others. Jason wants guarantees from everyone that he will be safe tonight. Cirie and Alexis promise along with everyone else who also wants the food but they have their fingers crossed.

Ozzy is sure Jason is going home and that giving up the immunity is the biggest mistake of the game.

Cirie then talks to the others about perhaps getting rid of Ozzy to blindside him and get rid of him and the immunity idol.

Ozzy contemplates playing the idol, just to be safe.

At Tribal Council, Eliza is shocked as the votes swing from being 4-1 to Jason to 5-4 to Ozzy who just didn’t see it coming.

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