S09E31 - Making it to the Final to is?

Sheila is complaining about how cold the water is in the HoH challenge. It probably doesn’t also help that she’s afraid of water.

Adam taunts Sheila and says that despite that, she’s still in the house even though she came so close to being sent out the door.

Ryan believes that he doesn’t have blood on his hands over Sharon as it was Adam that evicted Sharon.

1 hour before the eviction, Adam came to Ryan to talk about voting out Sharon. Adam was adamant that she would win if she made it to the final two.

Ryan and Adam are sure that it would be easier to beat the 46 year old women than Sharon. Sheila can’t believe she is in the final 3. But she wants to go to the final two with Adam.

Ryan and Adam’s plan was to taunt Sheila and try and knock her off her board. She can’t hold out and decides to drop so that she can have her strength for the final competition.

Adam drops out to try and earn some trust back. Ryan appreciates it.

Adam and Sheila have to fight it out for the right to face of against Ryan in round three of the HoH competition.

For the second round, they have to race to get balls through a maze in the correct order while being inside a giant hamster wheel.

Sheila completed the maze in 33:26. Adam did it in 14:55 and takes the win.

Sheila and Adam talk and once again begs to be taken to the final two.

Adam seems pretty confident that he’s going to win the $500,000 but Ryan is once again a little concerned. Adam is sure that he’s in the final two either way now.

They face off and Ryan takes it out for the final time and will now have to quickly decide whether to evict Adam or Sheila.

At the vote, Sheila once again bawls her eyes out as she pleads her case to be kept.

Ryan casts his vote and Sheila is cut. Ryan and Adam make the final two.

Julie Chen refers to them as the “bromance”. On Sunday, it’s the grand finale as the seven jury members will reunite to crown the winner of Big Brother – til death do us part

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