S09E30 - Final Veto and Head of Household

Sharon is upset about being on the block. Sharon wants to be in the final three with Sheila and Ryan as she doesn’t trust Adam. She’s stressing about being on the block.

Sheila tells Sharon that they need to win the PoV because if they don’t, then they’re screwed.

Adam talks to Ryan and they want to go to the final three with Sharon. Ryan talks to Sharon about Adam. She wants him gone.

Adam talks to Sheila and she is mad. She wants him to support her but she can’t trust him despite him saying that he would keep her over Sharon if he wins the power of veto.

Big Brother calls Sheila and Adam to the diary room to put on their shackles. Ryan loves the fact that they’re tied together. Sheila wants Ryan to get Adam out. It really is a love hate relationship these two have.

Sharon talks to Ryan about needing to break up Sheila and Adam. While they talk about them being the only original couple left in the game, Sheila and Adam talk and Sheila says they are both deserving of the money and could do amazing things with it.

At the final Power of Veto competition of the season it’s a race to the finish. Ryan wanted to win purely because he’s a power whore. He takes it out and has the ultimate control in the game. He now controls who will get the final say as to who will cast the vote to evict.

Ryan and Adam talk and Ryan wants to know that he and Sheila don’t have anything going on.

Adam puts something to Sharon that if he saves her then she’ll take him to the final two. She isn’t sure about his proposal and wants to talk to Ryan about it. Adam, for the first time, wonders if there is something going on between them. Sharon tells Ryan and again raises the concerns that he and Sheila have a plan together.

Sheila talks to Adam and tells him that she has always had his back and hopes that he has hers.

Ryan confronts Adam about what Sharon told him but he is adamant that it’s them together going to the final two. Ryan just isn’t sure he can trust him any more.

At the veto meeting, Ryan has decided that he wont use the veto leaving Adam with the decision as to who is leaving. Sheila is emotional at the thought of leaving. Adam announces that he’s evicting Sharon. Sheila blubs away as she’s been thrown another lifeline.

At the final HoH competition, Ryan gets to compete again. The winner of the HoH will earn a spot in the final two and will ultimately decide who they will sit next two. There are three rounds. The winner of the first round will progress to the final round. The other two will face off for a place in the playoff for HoH.

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