S09E29 - Nominations and a free movie - What Happen's in Vegas

It was a mutual decision between Adam and Ryan to put the blood on Sheila’s hands and ultimately she didn’t need to know who voted which way.

Adam was feeling terrible about sending her packing but such is the game.

Ryan declares that team Christ is gone as Natalie was the leader and it wont be ressurected. Sheila says she got some real satisfaction from seeing her walk out the door. Sharon can’t believe she’s been on the block five times and still survived.

Adam had whispered to Natalie that he’d voted for her and Ryan is pissed and that if he did then he’s been thrown under the bus and there will have to be repercussions.

Ryan is pretty happy to have the HoH. Sharon is happy as well. Adam just hopes he doesn’t blow up on him.

The houseguests are so confused about the final relationship in the house. It’s crazy as they try to guess which one of them has a relationship. Ryan and Sheila wonder if they are related. Meanwhile, the guinea pigs are sisters.

Sheila wants to swear on the bible. Ryan thinks there is definitely something up with her as she’s acting weird.

Ryan is certain it’s Sheila. Ryan and Adam try to decipher things and figure out how she is connected with someone else in the house.

Sharon and Sheila wonder about who is getting put up.

When they take a look at Ryan’s HoH room Sheila is happy to see there are no photos of her to prove they are related. Ryan reads out a letter from Jen and Adam looks teary eyed.

Adam talks in a robotic voice just to annoy Sheila. Afterwards, Adam talks to Shelia who is desperate for him to show her some loyalty. Adam isn’t sure who to trust but his heart got him this far and it will get him to the end of the game.

Adam and Ryan talk but Ryan is sure he said “I voted for you”. He’s pissed that he’s not owning up to it. Adam is concerned that it might affect his game.

There is a luxury reward to see the movie “What Happens in Vegas” starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

There is a bunch of other prizes including a trip to the red carpet premiere and the chance to hang out with the stars at the after party.

Ryan and Sharon and Adam and Sheila are partnered up. They need to smash bottles over the heads of their partners to find a ring inside which they then need to put on the board until the board is filled.

Ryan and Sharon get 6 dice while Sheila and Adam have 3. The odds are in favour of Ryan and Sharon as they spin the wheel to pick who wins. Who ever loses though will have to be chained together for 24 hours. Sheila and Adam again will get to spend some quality time – much to Sheila’s displeasure.

The dining table has been reduced in size once again which excites the remaining four.

Outside in the yard, Big Brother has set up a drive in movie for Ryan and Sharon, complete with cars and the big screen. Sheila is very jealous. And incredibly annoyed about being shackled to Adam shortly.

Sheila comes up to see Ryan. Ryan says he’s putting her up and she’ll have to win the PoV. If she doesn’t Adam will control who will go home.

Sharon goes to talk to Ryan and neither of them trust Adam. They need to figure out how they can put both Sheila and Adam up for eviction without revealing their secret alliance.

At the nomination ceremony, Ryan reveals that the two on the block this week are Sharon and Sheila.

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