S09E28 - Overplaying your hand

Natalie begs Adam and Ryan to keep her. Adam and Ryan know they control the votes and decide to call a house meeting and wants to get it all out. Adam says he wants to teach them about the fear of the Lord. They tell her that they’re having a house meeting in an hour because they want everything to come out.

Sheila wonders what the boys are up to. Everyone is called to the dining table. Natalie is not wanting to have the meeting. Adam has a bible out and Sharon is wondering why they’re doing church. They decide to go to the bathroom to have thee meeting as Natalie is in there doing her hair. They present the facts about her playing both sides of the house and want to know what’s going on as she’s promised everyone different things.

She admits that she’s with boys. She continues doing her hair. Sheila is furious that Natalie has declared her alliance as she could be in big trouble next week if Natalie gets to stay around.

Adam and Ryan talk to Natalie and she declares that she has lied to the other girls but not to them. Natalie cries about the situation with them and assures them that her loyalties have always remained with them.

Natalie talks to Sharon and confronts her about what she’s said. Sharon refuses to stand there and listen to her lies.

Adam and Ryan get into a fight with Sheila after they question the final decision. She is pissed that they might be contemplating keeping Natalie around.

At the vote, both Ryan votes for Natalie while Adam votes to evict Sharon. Sheila has to break the tie and sends Natalie home.

At the HoH game, “Fact or Fiction” after seven questions, with the most questions right and becoming the new Head of Household is, after it comes down to a tiebreaker between Ryan and Sharon, is Ryan.

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