S09E27 - I'm sorry, what's happening?

Sharon isn’t bothered by being on the block as she knows the whole house is against Natalie and she has no idea that she is the target this week.

Sheila wants the girls to think she can’t stand Adam but she is in an alliance with him until the end.

Sheila is worried about Natalie winning the PoV as that would be the worst cast scenario.

While Natalie is outside sunbathing the others talk about her and wanting to get rid of her this week.

A screen is on in the living room with “Power of Veto Competition tonight”.

Sheila tells them all that they have to win the PoV. Natalie is doing the same. She has absolutely no idea what is coming.

Big Brother sends everyone to their own rooms and then calls them outside 1 by 1.

The idea is to go channel surfing and match 9 screens up to make one big picture. The fastest person will win the PoV.

Sheila gets lost looking at the Evel Dick images.

Sheila reveals the results:
Ryan 6:01
Sheila 15:30
Adam 3:20
Natalie 12:09
Sharon 4:56

Adam is so excited to have won the Veto. Natalie is so happy that Adam won the veto instead of Sharon.

Natalie, Adam and Ryan talk and Natalie say they need to get Sheila out next week and wonders why Sharon is upstairs. Ryan goes up to “break up” their party. They are committed to sending her home and she isn’t aware of it at all.

Sharon and Sheila talk about Natalie and say she isn’t very smart but she thinks she is.

Sheila lies to Natalie to tell her she is safe.

It’s Sheila’s birthday and the others set up a surprise party for her with cake and candles and streamers.

There is a card from her mom. Sheila learns that her mother has been watching the show and it’s her favorite.

Discussions take place against the final two options and if Sharon was there then she’d have at least 3 votes and because they’re going to end up upsetting their current alliances, she’d probably win.

There is a little concern with Sheila about the vote needed to be broken. She doesn’t want blood on her hands and threatens to make Adam’s life Hell if he splits the vote.

At the veto meeting, Adam takes himself off the block. Sheila nominates Natalie as his replacement.

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