S09E26 - New Sheila starts playing the game

The houseguests left hanging in the HoH competition are getting smoked. Sharon is out after only 8 minutes. Sheila really wants to win purely so she can see a photo and get a letter from her son.

Natalie doesn’t feel safe which leaves Sheila wondering who she is worried about.

Natalie is feeling good while Sheila is feeling old. After 2 hours and 6 minutes, Adam and Sharon walk inside. While they are gone, Ryan, Natalie and Sheila cut a deal to put Sharon and Adam up and decide to give the HoH to Sheila. Ryan falls out. Natalie and Sheila battle it out in front of Sharon and Adam as a bit of a play and Natalie keeps asking what Jesus would do. Sharon gets annoyed and thinks that despite reading the bible a lot, she has no idea what a virtue is.

Natalie stays up there for a while and Sheila is wondering if she has reneged on the deal. Everyone is starting to get annoyed at Natalie’s constant yapping. Natalie finally decides to drop and hands the Head of Household to Sheila. Natalie is sure she wont be screwed over by her.

Natalie talks to Adam about how he will go on the block but they’ll have to win the PoV and send Sharon home this week. Adam is mad at her though and doesn’t want to go on the block.

Sheila gets to see her son’s face in photos in her HoH room. Adam wishes that the photo of the twenty something year old Sheila was in the house as she looked really hot.

Ryan reads out Nick’s letter and she’s really stoked to have a note from him. She then reads a letter from her sister.

Adam begs for a massage from Sheila. She uses the time to talk to him about things in the house though.

Sheila talks to Adam and Sharon about wanting to get rid of Natalie.

Around the table, Sheila wants to know what turns them on. They talk about pretty faces, chests, eyes and teeth.

Sheila talks to Ryan about not putting him up but if he wins the PoV he will take Adam off the block. Ryan promises to do so.

Ryan is hearing both sides of the equation and likes his position. Sheila tells Adam that she needs to put him up because she doesn’t want Sheila to think they are in cahoots.

Sheila knows that Natalie is lying to her when she says she will be safe next week.

At the nomination ceremony, Ryan and Natalie are safe while Adam and Sharon are up for eviction.

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