S06E08 - Who is sent home this week?

Sheryl Crow kicks off the elimination show with a performance of Sheryl Crow - The Very Best of Sheryl Crow - All I Wanna Do All I Wanna Do before we get a recap of last night’s performance.

Getting the call for the encore performance was Adam & Julianne.

The leaderboard this week is as follows:
9th Adam & Julianne with 19/30
8th Priscilla & Louis with 22/30
5th Marissa & Tony with 24/30
5th Marlee & Fabian with 24/30
5th Mario & Karina with 24/30
4th Christian & Cheryl with 26/30
3rd Shannon & Derek with 28/30
1st Kristi & Mark with 29/30
1st Jason & Edyta with 29/30

Aaron and Daniela are a 9 and 8 year old dance couple who perform the samba to Samuel E. Wright - Little Mermaid - An Original Walt Disney Records Soundtrack - Under the Sea under the sea from the Little Mermaid soundtrack.

8 year olds Aaron and Rashell perform the pasodoble and take the win over Aaron and Daniela.

Sheryl Crow performs a second song – Sheryl Crow - Detours - Out of Our Heads Out Of Our Heads

The bottom two this week are Priscilla & Louis and Adam & Julianne.

Going Home: Adam & Julianne

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