April 2008

Thursday, April 17 at 9pm ET/PT

Michael gets fascinated by a chair model in a catalogue, which causes confusing feelings to surface. Kevin and Andy use this distraction to their advantage, teaming up to gain parking spaces back for Dunder Mifflin – leading to a showdown with the other tenants of the business park.

Thursday, April 17 at 8pm ET/PT

Another reward challenge and immunity challenge tests the wits and strength of the remaining Castaways. Who won’t survive tribal council?

Wednesday, April 16 at 9:30pm ET/PT

As Kelly prepares for her third date with rival anchor Craig St. Claire, Chuck accuses Kelly of going for a younger version of Chuck and claims she is obsessed with him. In retaliation, Kelly redirects Chuck’s dinner invitation from an attractive makeup artist at the station to another co-worker who is definitely not Chuck’s type. When Chuck and his date end up at the same restaurant as Kelly and Craig, the much-anticipated date night becomes a showdown between the couples. Meanwhile, Marsh and Gary help Ryan get webcam-ready for his cyberdate.

Wednesday, April 16 at 9pm ET/PT

When Kenny is subjected to a perceived racist slight at a local movie theatre, he reacts strongly causing Eddie to rush to his defence. In the aftermath, Eddie decides that Kenny over-reacted and resolves to prove it to him.

Tuesday, April 15 at 10pm ET/PT

After her father – who is in the late stages of a debilitating fight with Alzheimer’s – injures himself and lands in the hospital, Shirley Schmidt wants to end his suffering and asks Alan Shore to argue in court on her behalf. Meanwhile Jerry Espenson’s beautiful, new girlfriend sues him for sexual assault, and Carl Sack represents the island of Nantucket whose residents want to build a nuclear bomb in case of attack.

Tuesday, April 15 at 9pm ET/PT

Wednesday, April 16 at 8pm ET/PT

Sunday, April 20 at 8pm ET/PT

The dwindling Big Brother Household heats up as House Guests try to save themselves from the chopping block.

Tuesday, April 15 at 8pm ET/PT

When a dog owner is found murdered the NCIS team must determine if his dog committed the murder or not, and Abby decides to fight for the dog’s life by proving trusting her instinct about the dog’s innocence. Meanwhile, Gibbs learns about Jenny’s secret.

Monday, April 14 at 10pm ET/PT

A high-flying businessman is uncovered as a conman and fraudster, viciously turning on the two people who considered him their closest friend.

Monday, April 14 at 9pm ET/PT

Eva investigates the case of a woman who apparently drowned, alongside John who is recovering from a gunshot wound. The death is apparently related to robberies of wealthy men linked to a dating service. In the meanwhile, John looks back at his life in the 1920s, when he committed fraud and stole an expensive diamond pendant from his lover. Also, John wants to be sure if Sara is his true love, who can convert him to a mortal. But John is unwilling to hurt her feelings by keeping secrets about his past to himself, and as a result, decides to back away from the growing relationship between the two.

Saturday, April 12 at 11:30pm ET/PT

Special guest host Ashton Kutcher joins the SNL cast, with musical guest Gnarls Barkley.