April 2008

Amanda R - The Bachelor: London Calling

Amanda is a 27 year old Account Executive from Orlando, Fl


Kelly - The Bachelor: London Calling

Kelly is a 24 year old Medical Sales Rep from Los Angeles, Ca


Erik is happy to still be around camp but as the only fan left in the tribe, he fears he is next to go.

Ozzy doesn’t like how Tracey called him the leader and he’s worried about having a target on his back now.

Cirie and Amy are out in the dark chasing big crabs.

Amie talks to Ozzy about how Tracey was trying to get rid of Ozzy but he’s really worried about how the game is about to turn a corner where people do want to get rid of people who are leaders.

At Airai the rats are getting more and more confident.  Jason manages to catch the rat and decides to eat it since no one has eaten a rat since season one.  

James is done with the island and wants to go back to Malakal.  He thinks that this is where they bring the criminals.

Parvati tries to form an alliance prior to the merge and knows that the big guys are likely to be the first voted off and promises Alexis a place in the final four for her vote.

Prior to the next challenge, the tribes need to pick a member to sit out and go to exile island but also have individual immunity at tonight’s tribal council.

Ozzy sits out for Malakal while Alexis sits out for Airai.  There is an obstacle course which must be crossed, a flag collected, and then taken back to the other side while the opposite tribe swing canvas bags at them trying to knock them off.  The winning tribe will also get them selves some pizza and beer.

It’s a close contest but Airai takes the win with immunity and reward for the fourth straight time.  Eliza looks so excited to be having pizza.

Back at camp, Erik tried his hardest but feels pretty bad at losing and especially crashing into the platform.

Airai are really happy about having pizza and even more excited to not be having to eat rat.  The pizza boat arrives with four pizzas, garlic bread and beer.

At exile island, Ozzy is excited to have discovered that someone has taken his bait and the fake immunity idol he hid.

Erik wants to stay in the game so badly but feels he is on his last legs and is desperate to make some alliances that will take him to the next level.  He talks to Cirie and Amanda about Amie and wants to get her voted out.

Cirie’s dilemma is that she doesn’t trust Erik or Ami and needs to decide who she trusts the least.

Amanda and Cirie talk with Ami and Amanda wonders if they’re better with the devil you know rather than the devil you don’t.

Erik wants to talk to Ozzy when he gets back.  Ozzy can’t believe that they lost again.  He tells Ozzy about Ami’s plan and wants his help to get her out.  Amanda and Ozzy talk and Ozzy wants to get Ami out.

At tribal council, Erik’s play pays off and Ami is ousted.


Sharon thinks it is going to be pretty hard to have Joshuah gone and Sheila adds that is will be hard for both of them since they’re both so close.

Natalie doesn’t want to be the executioner and wants Joshuah to try and get three votes so she doesn’t have to get rid of Sharon.

Joshuah decides to play Adam and puts on the crocodile tears to try and win some sympathy and get his vote. Joshuah cries on queue and reckons he’d be good on a soap opera. Joshuah tells Adam he doesn’t want to have to throw Sharon under the bus and plays his cards well.

Natalie is now worried about whether Joshuah will switch on her. She then goes to talk to Sharon who is pissed when she finds out. They tell Sheila and they all talk about how Joshuah needs to go. Sharon decides that she wont get made at him and they want to now form an alliance with the girls.

Ryan comes up and talks to Natalie. Ryan pushes for Sharon since he has an alliance with Joshuah and says he can’t trust Sharon. Natalie tells Sharon who then tries to convince Ryan that he can trust her.

Ryan contemplates flipping on Joshuah and tells Sharon it’s sorted.

Natalie talks to Adam and tries to get him to turn on Joshuah. Natalie now has Ryan, Sheila and Adam on board to get Joshuah evicted.

James talks to Joshuah and they believe that Sharon is going to get blindsided.

At the vote, Sheila votes to evict Joshuah, Ryan votes to evict Joshuah despite having had an alliance with him. Adam also votes to evict Joshuah making it set. James casts the sole vote for Sharon.

Joshuah is shocked when Julie reads out the result but makes a speech about being true to himself. Sharon is upset at him leaving but he doesn’t want to have a hug from anyone else.

James consoles Sharon who is hysterical.

At the next HoH game called More or Less. It’s about getting the most questions right after 7 questions.

It’s a three way tie heading into the final question but Adam takes the win over Sharon and James meaning Sharon and James are in for yet another tough week.

James figures that he must now be nominated every week until he is gone so he is focused on winning the power of veto. Joshuah isn’t too worried about being on the block as he knows James is the target.

Ryan tells Joshuah that as long as he wins tomorrow, James is going home. Sheila talks to James who says she thinks he wont be going home. She believes he has 9 lives and that he’ll win PoV again.

Sheila tells Joshuah that she thinks he has more power in the game than he thinks he does. James over hears her trying to rally the house against James and is annoyed at her two faced talking.

Sheila doesn’t care that he heard what she said. Everyone wants him out of the house. She apologises to James but he’s not interested in what she has to say.

Sheila is tired of James whining about being on the block constantly. James then decides to confront her. A screaming match ensues outside. Ryan, Sharon and Joshuah are listening in. It’s pretty intense.

James wants to know why the whole house wants him gone when they voted them back. James says he has no one to play with. He’s losing his voice after all his yelling at Sheila.

James is talking about Adam putting him on the block and he over hears and comes in to have a go too and tells him that it sucks for him cause everyone wants him gone and he’s just going to have to deal with it.

James talks to Joshuah and once again says he has no one to confide in and is missing Chelsia. They’re both annoyed with Sheila and think she is a two faced bitch. James says that there is no nice way to play Big Brother.

Picking players for the Veto Competition, Natalie picks Ryan, Joshuah picks Sheila and James picks Sharon. Adam is the host.

In the back yard there are a bunch of objects from previous Big Brother challenges. There are a bunch of items and they must pick how many of each item are in the container holding them. They must pick a number and then decide to either stay with their guess or fold. If they guess the closest to the right number then they win a point. If they are the furtherest then they are eliminated. After a vicious battle, James wins the Power of Veto and puts the pressure on after winning it for the third week in a row.

Joshuah now feels as though he’s just watched his own funeral. He knows his game is done.

James dances around the house after his monumental win while Joshuah cries like a little girl.

Sharon talks to Joshuah and she says she will sort it out. She doesn’t like to see him crying.

Natalie talks to Sharon and says it has to be Sharon vs Joshuah and there is nothing that can be done as she can’t put up anyone from her side of the house.

Ryan comes to talk to Natalie and they can’t believe James won after Ryan blew his chances in the game.

Sharon cries over the game coming to an end for one of them. Joshuah says that now that it’s coming down to the end it’s going to get real nasty real quick.

Joshuah wants to stay over Sharon and says to Natalie that he wants a tie and then get her to break the vote. She says that if he can get two votes then she will. He has Ryan’s vote and talks to James about getting his but they can’t tell Adam and Sheila or Sharon. It’s a deal and then Ryan and Natalie and Joshuah come up with a new alliance for two weeks.

At the veto meeting, James takes himself off the block and Natalie has to put Sharon up.

Sunday, April 13

A look at never-before-seen footage of the Cycle 10 contestants that includes the ladies battling with posing instructor Benny Ninja and his team, New York City firefighters practicing their runway struts and contestant wrestling matches.

Sunday, April 13

After receiving an anonymous complaint about Kyle, a social worker makes a surprise visit to the Trager home. What should be uneventful becomes tricky, with Kyle harbouring fugitive Amanda in his room and Lori hiding a closet full of beer. Plus, they haven’t figured out how to explain the reason for Kyle sleeping in a tub. With all of the secrets under one roof, will the Tragers be able to convince the social worker that they are one happy, normal family?

Thursday, April 10

The TGS staff has been obsessing all season over the new reality hit “MILF Island.” While watching the riveting finale, pitting Debra vs. Deborah as the final two MILFs, Jack, who is riding high on this programming feat, is blindsided by a unflattering item in The New York Post. In an effort to identify the disloyal employee who spoke to the Post, Jack forces Jonathan to turn up the heat in the writers’ room until one of them breaks. Rob Huebel (Human Giant) guest-stars as the “MILF Island” host.

Thursday, April 10
8 p.m.

It is the anniversary of Carla and Turk’s first date, and both work on getting each other the perfect gift. When Turk decides to learn Spanish, he soon realizes that being bilingual can only work to his advantage. Meanwhile, J.D. is torn about whether he should allow one of his patients, a burn victim, to attend his graduation and turns to Elliot for advice. Elsewhere, Dr. Cox begins a game of thievery with Dr. Kelso’s breakfast.

Wednesday, April 9

Randy Pausch, a 47-year-old computer-science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, has terminal pancreatic cancer. In September, Pausch said goodbye to his students and the Pittsburgh college with one last lecture called “How to Live Your Childhood Dreams,” on his life journey and the lessons he’s learned. Diane Sawyer interviews Pausch about his inspirational message.